Panama Relocation Tour Now Offers an Expanded 7 Day and 6 Night Package

Now in a 7-day package, the expanded Panama Relocation Tour shows a more comprehensive view of life in Panama. Each day is filled with activities wherein participants go to various Panama cities and towns that include Coronado, Bocas, David and Boquete among others.

Dallas, TX, January 19, 2013 --( Taking cues from previous tour participants, the Panama Relocation Tour now offers an expanded 7 day and 6 night tour package in addition to its 5-day tour. Jackie Lange, owner and manager of Live for Less in Panama states that this expanded tour package is in response to popular demand by previous tour attendees. “Many people have been requesting us to expand the tour and now it’s longer and even better,” Jackie says excitedly. “The expanded tour will further cover key areas that are integral in preparation for retirement in Panama,” she adds.

This expanded tour of 7 days and 6 nights to Panama covers locations that are essential in retirement planning to Panama. The tour begins in Panama City where participants will get the chance to see modern hospitals and popular tourist attractions like the Panama Canal. From Panama City, the group will then be taken to various towns in Panama that are great retirement choices. These places include the beach town of Coronado, small village of Bocas del Toro, city of David, and the mountain highlands of Boquete. These are the areas of Panama where thousands of expats live.

In each area that the tour visits, lunches and dinners with Panama expats are part of the itinerary. Jackie considers this as the highlight of the tour as participants have the opportunity to ask questions and find answers about real life in Panama. Participants will be taken to expat owned businesses and favorite hangouts where there will be plenty of time to socialize, interact and talk to the expats.

When asked how different the expanded 7-day tour is from its 5-day counterpart, Jackie reveals that the expanded tour includes Bocas del Toro and Volcan. These two places are not part of the 5-day package. Bocas del Toro is a Panama province that is comprised of many small islands. While in Bocas, participants get a water taxi ride to view all of the islands in Bocas and also see dolphins, star fishes and other aquatic creatures. The Volcan Baru, on the other hand, is a landmark of Panama as it is the country’s tallest mountain. Jackie feels that including these two key areas makes the Panama Relocation Tour more complete.

The Panama Relocation Tour has been created by Jackie to answer that need of a Panama tour specially designed for people considering Panama as a place for retirement. While the tour covers popular tourist destinations, it is most importantly geared towards retirees and expats who wish to settle in Panama for good. The tour includes visiting residential areas, hospitals, banks, markets, drugstores, grocery stores, shopping centers and many other places that are integral to planning one’s retirement in Panama.

“No one else is doing a tour like this in Panama,” says Jackie. “You will be able to learn in 7 days if Panama is right for you and how you can improve your lifestyle with less expense and less stress! We visit a variety of different areas so you can decide which area is best for you,” she further adds. While the 5-day package is still being offered, Jackie is positive that the expanded 7-day tour will further help participants truly see what life is like in Panama.

About is a company owned and managed by Jackie Lange, who has made the move to Panama in 2012. This company offers the all inclusive Panama Relocation and Retirement Tour that shows participants exactly what it is like to live in Panama. The tour package includes lodging during official tour nights, all internal ground transportation, meals as indicated in the itinerary and a local driver fluent in English and Spanish. This tour is the first and only one of its kind package that really shows participants the kind of lifestyle that awaits people who decide to move to Panama.
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Jackie Lange