New US-Based Company Reinvents Virtual Assistance creates virtual assistance with a twist on how to help businesses and individuals more efficiently.

Goose Creek, SC, January 19, 2013 --(, a US-based virtual assistance company has been serving small businesses and private individuals since its establishment in early 2011. Today, the full-service virtual assistance company announces they have created a way to help businesses and individuals more efficiently.

The company consists of a group of closely working virtual assistants with backgrounds in customer service, business management, administrative assistance and creative services. They provide a service where business professionals, small businesses and private individuals have professional assistance in any way they need. differs from any other virtual assistance company because the assistants work together in one location. This structure leaves room for opportunities to mentor each other to allow each to build on any weaknesses, without impairing customer service. What that means to their clients is there is more of a chance to have all of their tasks delegated to the right person. An example would be graphic designing tasks would go to the graphic designer. This saves time, which saves money. Most virtual assistants these days work independently at home and on one task at a time. Because of this, clients get limited skills from their assistant and feel they aren’t completely satisfied. goes at it another way. Clients have one point of contact but have access to a team’s skills and strengths.

Jessica Hanna, Owner of, was inspired to create the company based on this structure because she saw there was a huge flaw in virtual assistants and how clients were efficiently helped. “We have had clients in the past that dealt with virtual assistants before, but just were not happy with the work they were getting back. It seemed like the biggest complaint was the skills were too limited and that there were many things the virtual assistant couldn’t do. So I thought, what better way to do it than to have a group work together.”

Their services cost approximately 40% less than hiring a full time in-house employee with the same end result. You pay for 100% productive work and that is it. Clients gain: increased amount of time available, peace of mind, increased business efficiency, increased business effectiveness and decreased level of stress.

To learn more about what has to offer, visit their website at They are standing by waiting to save you time and money. Contact them today.
Jessica Hanna