Fat Grafting Becoming Popular Adjunct to Breast Reconstruction, Reports NYC Surgeon, Dr. Nolan Karp

New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nolan Karp, explains the benefits of supplementing breast reconstruction surgery with a cutting-edge fat transfer procedure.

New York, NY, January 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- For those looking to restore their appearance following a single or bilateral mastectomy, breast reconstruction can be an invaluable and life-changing procedure. A treatment that had traditionally relied on breast implants alone, New York's City's Dr. Nolan Karp is now reporting on a growing trend in the world of reconstructive medicine: autologous fat transfer as an adjunct to breast reconstruction.

"Following a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery can become absolutely critical in restoring a woman's appearance, self-confidence and emotional well-being," explains Dr. Karp. "Where the procedure had relied simply on breast implants in the past, we now understand that by supplementing breast reconstruction with cutting-edge fat grafting techniques, we can achieve several important patient side-benefits."

Dr. Karp went on to explain the procedure in greater detail. "Fat grafting is a safe, simple technique that allows us to essentially refine the results of breast reconstruction surgery," explains Dr. Karp. "Harvesting tissue using a traditional liposuction procedure, fat is then reintroduced to the breast in a series of small injections."

Asked to speak on the benefits of a fat grafting procedure, Dr. Karp offered this: "Among its many benefits, fat grafting works to improve breast symmetry, resculpt sunken areas, and camouflage breast implants," reports Dr. Karp. "For the patient, this can mean a remarkably natural-looking result." Dr. Karp went on to explain that because fat transfer uses a patient's own tissue, the risk of allergic reaction is essentially eliminated.

Commenting on the emerging role of fat grafting in breast reconstruction, Dr. Karp concluded with this: "Patients exploring breast reconstruction surgery need to understand all their options - including supplemental fat grafting. With such natural-looking results and countless satisfied patients, we are confident that this procedure will only become more popular in the coming months."

Dr. Karp offers breast reconstruction consultation in New York City. Interested parties are encouraged to contact him at (212) 355-5779 or http://www.kcnyplasticsurgery.com/

About Dr. Karp

Dr. Nolan Karp, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan, is highly respected and well-known. He has been featured in numerous publications and has been listed as a "Top Doctor" in plastic surgery by several magazines.

Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Karp graduated from Northwestern University School of Medicine in 1983. He completed his general surgery training at New York University School of Medicine. This was followed with plastic surgery training, research fellowship, and microsurgery fellowship training at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at New York University School of Medicine.

Dr. Karp joined the Faculty of the Institute and NYU in 1992. Last year, with Dr. Mihye Choi, he was the Course Director of the NYU sponsored meeting: Breast Reconstruction: State of the Art.

At his newly constructed office in midtown Manhattan, Dr. Karp practices at KCNY Plastic Surgery with Dr. Mihye Choi. KCNY can be reached at (212) 355-5779 or http://www.kcnyplasticsurgery.com/
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