Evan Guthrie Law Firm Offers Advice to Law Class at Bishop England High School in Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC, January 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Evan Guthrie of the Evan Guthrie Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina visited the law education class at Bishop England High School on Daniel Island in Charleston, SC on Tuesday November 6th 2012. The law education class teaches the fundamentals and practical aspects of law that students can use in their everyday lives. This is the third time that attorney Guthrie has visited this class that lasts a semester. The students in the class were on the chapter in their course book that dealt with lawyers and Mr. Guthrie visit came at a good time in the class. Mr. Guthrie spoke about his life as lawyer including the path of becoming a lawyer from high school student to the bar exam, what a typical work day is like and what it involves, the different types of law that a lawyer can practice and how they are different, how a lawyer’s life is after hours, the bests parts and biggest challenges about being an attorney, and the most interesting cases and experiences that he has encountered in his legal career.

The class lasted just under an hour and attorney Guthrie spoke for about half of the period and answered questions for the remainder of the class. The students had many questions that ranged from how much and how attorney gets paid for different types of cases, how a lawyer gets clients, what happens if a lawyer gets a case that affects their conscience, if going to all those years of schools was worth it, and if there have ever been any cases that have been dangerous. The students actively participated in the discussion and had additional questions even after the bell that marked the end of the class rang. Attorney Guthrie was happy to return to his former high school and talk to students about the profession he chose to pursue. Mr. Guthrie remembered the difference that guest speakers made to him when he was a student and was glad to return the favor and attempt to inspire future generations of lawyers and other professionals. Attorney Guthrie looked forward to returning to speak to classes full of new law education students in future semesters.

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