EMBEEM Launches New Corporate Site

EMBEEM Incorporated introduces an updated corporate site to unify its global network of web portals.

Edison, NJ, January 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- EMBEEM Incorporated (EMBEEM), a global company that helps companies and independent sales agents connect with each other, today announced the launch of a redesigned corporate website.

EMBEEM owns and operates seven web portals around the world. Though its flagship site is SalesAgentUSA.com, there are 6 other regional sister sites that cater to the Indian subcontinent, Europe, East Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia. These sites each function as a platform for companies to expand their sales force by finding the qualified sales agents that will meet their needs. Though these sites each function independently, they are all managed by EMBEEM.

To make the unification of the regional sites under the global organization clearer, EMBEEM has redesigned its corporate website to reflect this association. “I am very excited for the launch of our new corporate website,” says Lester Morris, Business Development Manager at EMBEEM. “It ties everything together and serves as a place to learn about all of the things we now have to offer as a company.”

The EMBEEM corporate website, www.EMBEEM.com, now has a dedicated page for each of the web portals under the EMBEEM umbrella.

EMBEEM Inc. is a global company that owns and operates several leading web portals around the world designed to help businesses find qualified sales agents as well as to assist sales agents with locating new product lines and opportunities. With over 10,000 members in nearly 70 nations, EMBEEM has the resources to connect the right company with the right sales agent. Its web portals include SalesAgentUSA.com, SalesAgentEurope.com, SalesAgentIndia.com, SalesAgentChina.com, SalesAgentAfrica.com, SalesAgentSouthAmerica.com, and SalesAgentAustralia.com.

For more information, Visit Our Corporate Website www.EMBEEM.com
Kate DiGiacomo
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