Xtraice Achieves Its Expected Turnover for 2012

Xtraice estimates an increase of 75% in turnover for 2013.

Miami, FL, January 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Xtraice, the leading global company in the manufacture and distribution of ice rinks closes 2012 with an outstanding turnover of 2 million euros, reaching the company’s annual predictions.

Despite the current time of global financial crisis, many companies are succeeding in achieving success thanks to a combination of fundamental factors: they offer a special product and succeed at brand internationalization.

When Xtraice was created in 2003, the company’s vision and objective was to establish itself as global leader of synthetic ice rinks, offering the global market a unique formula with valuable advantages in comparison to what was already available. This new formula allows for the practice of ice skating during any season, as its components are able to support extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Xtraice has created a plastic rink which shares the most similarities with conventional ice compared to other products on the market, as confirmed by industry professionals. The NHL Florida Panthers and well respected professionals, such as Surya Bonaly and Philippe Candeloro are firm fans of this artificial ice and have spoken of their complete satisfaction with the products of Xtraice. Eurodisney in Paris has one of Xtraice’s large ice rinks which has become a thriving visitor attraction for the theme park.

At the end of 2012, Caixa Capital Risc invested 800,000 euros into the Brand with the aim of boosting the company’s growth and allowing the brand to reach a greater number of potential markets at a faster rate. With this injection of capital, predictions for 2013 exceed those of 2012 by 75%, as Xtraice hopes to achieve a turnover of 3.5 million euros.

In order to achieve this ambitious figure, Xtraice has taken on 20 new employees who will strive to build Xtraice’s presence across North American and European markets.

Xtraice’s ecological ice rinks can already be found in 56 countries around the world. Due to its unique formula which is simple to maintain and conserve, Xtraice has been able to install ice rinks in locations where it was previously impossible due to extreme weather conditions. A vast amount of countries already accustomed to this practice in addition to countries that practice ice skating and ice hockey less are trying out this new ecologically friendly version of the sport.

Xtraice possesses the quality certificate of environmental management ISO 14001, which is an important advantage in countries who are especially concerned with ecology and the environmental. These countries consider this certificate to be an in indispensable requirement at the time of selecting suppliers. Xtraice’s product is 100% ecologically friendly and non-toxic and for this reason the company no longer considers its product to be a plastic ice rink but instead an ecological ice rink.
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