Optic Nerve Vision Loss Reversed with New Stem Cell Treatment

MD Stem Cells helps nearly blind car accident victim regain her sight in Florida and see her mother’s face again- other neurologic benefits reported as well.

Ridgefield, CT, January 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Stefany had been in a motor vehicle accident in January 2012 and suffered severe head trauma. To help minimize swelling and damage to her brain, she had been placed in an induced medical coma. Tragically when she finally awoke, the beautifully clear vision she had taken for granted all her life was now nearly gone. The trauma had caused compression on her optic nerves and her world was now dark. She could barely see things a few inches in front of her face.

While she improved a bit over the next few months, her walking and balance were still very bad and her vision was still awful. Everything was terribly blurry and she could not distinguish faces. She and her family began searching for solutions and found MD Stem Cells.

“Stefany’s sister Valerie was our major contact,”“explained Dr. Levy, President of MD Stem Cells. “We talked about options and the new dual injection technique MD Stem Cells helped develop using Bone Marrow Derived Adult Stem Cells (BMSC) and the possibility of intravitreal stem cells in addition to the injections adjacent to the optic nerves. Stefany’s vision was extremely poor and she understood that although other patients with optic nerve damage had improved following treatment, we could not be certain how she might respond. Treatment was provided in Florida in the United States.”

“I was feeling a bit nervous before going into the procedure, but the staff did make it easier for me to feel comforted including Dr. Levy, because he explained everything step by step,” recalls Stefany. “When I opened my eyes I noticed that I could see my mom’s face from afar, before that would not have been possible.”

Valerie, who is planning on attending nursing school, reports that even within a week of treatment her sister’s vision has improved significantly and she can now count fingers several feet away. She also notes another unexpected improvement- Stefany is now walking without help much of the time and her balance is much improved. Stefany’s mother also reports that she is speaking more clearly than before the stem cell procedure.

“We do not have an exact explanation for these reported neurologic improvements following the optic nerve treatment. There have been studies of Bone Marrow Adult Stem Cells, otherwise known as human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs), causing recovery of neurologic function in murine models of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It’s possible Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF), recently identified as responsible for suppressing those unwanted autoimmune responses and accelerating neuron myelin cell repair, may be of value following neurologic trauma,” reasoned Dr. Levy.

Stefany is very happy no matter the explanation for her improvements. “I understood it would take four to six months to see major improvements and here I was finally able to see my mom’s face more clearly,” exclaimed Stefany, “Thanks to this I am one step closer to accomplishing all my life goals and dreams.”

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