YogaFit® Creates New Specialized Workout for Cyclists

YogaFit, the leading yoga education company in the U.S. has just released its latest fitness DVD which was specially designed to complement cycling runs or a spinning class. This title helps cyclists stretch and remain flexible, minimize risk of injury, and round out a fitness program.

Los Angeles, CA, July 28, 2007 --( YogaFit®, the U.S.’s leading yoga training company, has just released the latest title in its innovative product line – YogaFit for Cyclists – a yoga regimen developed to complement and enhance the cycling/spinning workout experience.

While the popularity of spinning classes and mountain biking continues to grow, participants sometimes find themselves left with aching, tight hamstrings, and even pain. Repetitive cycling results in the body spending extended periods in forward flexion - much as one would experience sitting at a desk for long hours.

By incorporating hatha yoga postures using its Seven Principles of Alignment (SPA), YogaFit for Cyclists prepares participants for cycling with a specially designed warm-up sequence, along with yoga postures to address muscles that aren’t worked in spin and cool down, and a post ride stretch to ease them back into their day. This new workout allows for increased flexibility, improved breathing, and less chance for typical cycling injuries. As a result, the chest is opened, lower body flexibility increases, the mind-body connection improves, and breath is better coordinated with movement.

Beth Shaw notes, “While cycling is a great form of cardio, it can leave the participant with tight hips, hamstrings, and quads. This workout balances the body and rejuvenates riders"

The YogaFit for Cyclists DVD can be performed in its entirety or viewed in segments designed to complement a home stationary bike workout or a spinning class. It is also ideal for long distance drivers who experience repetitive stress discomfort, anyone who spends extended periods slouching over computer keyboards, and mothers of small children who are constantly leaning forward to pick up their children or are nursing. YogaFit’s “No judgment/No expectation/No competition” approach means that each participant’s practice becomes their own, without pushing or forcing, thereby maximizing their enjoyment and results while honoring their bodies and staying present in the moment.

YogaFit for Cyclists is available at

About YogaFit Training Systems® Worldwide Inc.
YogaFit® ( has trained more than 10,000 yoga instructors and brings to the table cutting-edge programming that translates into the real world. The corporation provides a user-friendly model of yoga with the traditional group exercise model of warm-up, workout and cool-down. Recognized by IHRSA, NIHRSA and all major health club chains, YogaFit® is the only yoga style embraced by the fitness industry. YogaFit is also renowned as a leading “company that cares” for its dedication to community service. Founder Beth Shaw is an internationally recognized yoga expert, author, and entrepreneur with more than a dozen fitness titles to her name. She has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, E!, Style Channel, and Showtime and was recently named one of the “Top 25 Vegans” by VegNews magazine.

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