Popular Ping Pong Launches New Website, Releases End of 2012 Table Tennis Brand Popularity Rankings

Popular Ping Pong has launched a new version of its website and has released the End of 2012 Popularity Rankings for table tennis (ping pong brands).

New York, NY, January 26, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Popular Ping Pong announced the End of 2012 Rankings for the most popular table tennis brands to coincide with the launch of the group's new website and reaching over 5000 twitter followers. The rankings released are based on facebook fan count or “page likes.”

"Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, being on Facebook today is like having a phone number in the pre-internet days. Facebook encourages users to 'like' the brands they use and the activities they do within the website, so Facebook is an excellent way to gauge a brand’s popularity (at least to start). Moving forward PopularPingPong.com will add other metrics into our popularity rankings (including other social networks, media coverage, etc)," said Brett Richards, Popular Ping Pong's Head of Marketing.

Popular Ping Pong has also asked that those who represent a brand, company, venue, or group that may have been missed, to please email info@popularpingpong.com or message PPP on twitter @PopularPingPong.

All rankings are as of January 1, 2013 and are based on page likes as of 1:27 pm that day (number to the right of the name represents the number of fans). Additional analysis and rankings are available at PopularPingPong.com.

1. Table Tennis Master 151252


2. ITTF 76491


3. Stag Table Tennis Nation 29762


4. Table Tennis Nation 19908


5. Table Tennis Solution 12011


6. Stiga 11828


7. Ping Pong Dim Sum 10601


8. Killerspin 5329


9. Spin New York 4146


10. ETTA 3704


Popular Ping Pong’s monthly rankings and new rankings will always debut on PopularPingPong.com and be announced on the twitter account @PopularPingPong.
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