Real Cool Soft Apps Releases Sports Apps for Android Devices

Real Cool Soft Apps is proud to release Real Cool Soccer Scoreboard, Real Cool Basketball Scoreboard, and Real Cool Shot Clock for the Android Devices. They are scoreboard software application for tracking scores and game time for live or recorded soccer games.

Bel Air, MD, January 28, 2013 --( Coaches, soccer moms, soccer dads, and anyone with kids involved with sports can now keep track of the game time and scores through their Android smartphones and tablets thanks to Real Cool Scoreboard Apps by Real Cool Soft Apps. The apps will turn your smartphones into portable scoreboards.

Real Cool Soccer and Basketball Scoreboard have fully customizable game clocks. The user can enter minutes from 0 to 99 and enter any seconds. The timer can count up or down. Each app has 3 scoreboard styles to choose from. It starts with basic style for scoring and game clock management. In the Soccer Scoreboard, the additional styles tracks more soccer/football/futbol information like shots, saves, and corner kicks.

In the Real Cool Basketball Scoreboard, the user can track points and the game clock. The scores can be incremented or decremented by 1, 2, or 10 points for easy scoring. The additional styles allow user tracking of fouls, player fouls, possession, bonus, double bonus, and time outs left.

Each app has options for changing up to 17 background colors.

The apps can be found in Google Play. The link for the soccer scoreboard app is below. The Google Play page for the soccer scoreboard app also have links to other Real Cool Soft Apps products.

Free versions of the apps called Soccer Scoreboard Free and Basketball Scoreboard Free are also available in Google Play. Although many features have been disabled, they are still functional.

A free app called Real Cool Shot Clock is available for download. The user can set the timer up to 90 seconds for shot clock tracking. There are no restrictions on the free shot clock.
Romel Gallamoza