Fragrance Designed by You - My DNA Fragrance Makes Couture Perfumes and Colognes using your DNA

In a world where people want exclusivity, from lipstick and blushes that perfectly match your skin tone to one of a kind couture fragrance made exclusively for you with your DNA, consumers are buying more products that appeal to their individuality. My DNA Fragrance introduces a new concept in designer fragrance. Fragrance is designed using personal DNA for a unique blend of perfume that is exclusive for every person.

Beverly Hills, CA, July 29, 2007 --( Perfumes created using your own DNA ends the constant search for signature fragrance. Why smell like everyone else when the scent is in you. My DNA Fragrance has made it possible to capture your essence in a bottle creating one of a kind fragrance that is exclusively you.

With more than 30,000 designer fragrances on the market today, My DNA Fragrance has found a way to make fragrances that are so unique that no two people will ever smell alike again. This revolutionary patented process will impact the way perfume is made in a world that has exhausted every possible fragrance combination in the quest to supply an unquenchable thirst for these fragrant elixirs.

Perfume has appealed to our vanity since antiquity when the Egyptians first used it for religious rituals and preludes to lovemaking. It is seductive, exotic, and hypnotic creating masterful images and perceptions that give rise to a menagerie of emotions and feelings. Of all the senses, none surely is as mysterious as that of smell.

A simple at home swab kit is provided to collect your DNA sample and sent to My DNA Fragrance, which in turn biologically creates a seductive liquid treasure that caresses the secret desires of the mind. Imagine yourself a celebrity with your very own fragrance made exclusively for you.

My DNA Fragrance
Dr. Diva Verdun