Tyra Viewers Crash My DNA Site in Search of Perfume Phenom

Tyra Banks featured My DNA Fragrance on her show on April 13, 2010 giving away 200 bottles of fragrance to her audience creating an overload to the website's bandwidth blocking access resulting in viewer frenzy for purchase information. - May 12, 2010

DNA is All the Buzz with Testing Becoming the Norm for Authenticating Exclusive Products – Now Perfume Joins the Ranks

My DNA Fragrance™ introduces First Exclusive and Revolutionary Fragrance Formulation Process using DNA blueprints to create Personalized Perfume. - December 13, 2007

Fragrance Designed by You - My DNA Fragrance Makes Couture Perfumes and Colognes using your DNA

In a world where people want exclusivity, from lipstick and blushes that perfectly match your skin tone to one of a kind couture fragrance made exclusively for you with your DNA, consumers are buying more products that appeal to their individuality. My DNA Fragrance introduces a new concept in designer fragrance. Fragrance is designed using personal DNA for a unique blend of perfume that is exclusive for every person. - July 29, 2007

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