Announces Affiliation with Premier DNA Science Firm: New Services Include DNA Testing and Consultation in Addition to Traditional Ancestor Search Services

DNA Science Expands RecordClick's Genealogy Research Options for Tracing Ancestry.

Denville, NJ, January 27, 2013 --(, a full-service genealogy research firm, is at the vanguard of DNA genealogy. Through its affiliation with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), now makes DNA testing kits available to its online customers who are tracing ancestry. The company also works with world renowned genetic genealogy researchers who offer consultations to test-takers and provide help in translating results.

Genealogy DNA testing has proven to be an invaluable resource for tracing ancestry by helping test participants solve genealogy puzzles. Depending on the test you take, you can find your ancestors on your direct paternal (Y-DNA) or maternal (mitochondrial or mtDNA) lines. There is also autosomal (“Family Finder”) testing, which uses the DNA from both the mother and father. Genetic DNA testing for tracing ancestry can tell you what the ethnic proportions are of your ancestry; explain the history of your ancient human migration; help determine your ancestral homeland; help you discover your living relatives; and confirm your existing research.

"We recognize the scientific research value of DNA testing, and we want to make the journey easier for our customers who are tracing ancestry," says Elizabeth Khan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of "Genetic DNA analysis is a major research resource in a genealogist's tool-kit. Whether you are a casual family historian or a forensic genealogist, sometimes DNA testing is the only way to solve a genealogy puzzle."

The DNA tests offered through the website use “SNP chips” that test between 700,000 and 967,000 specific point mutations called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). With more than 400,000 records in its database, Family Tree DNA provides information about the specific DNA segments that you share with your matches. This information is crucial to charting your family tree.

"Genetics is increasingly being used to help people trace their family histories. DNA analysis is a complement to traditional ancestor search," says Dr. Tim Janzen, a genetic genealogist and leading researcher in the use of autosomal DNA, as well as a consultant to RecordClick. "The exciting thing about autosomal DNA testing for genealogical purposes is that this type of testing can identify cousins that you have not previously known about."

About the company:

RecordClick is a full-service genealogy research firm that specializes in investigating lineage cases throughout the United States and internationally. With research teams in several European countries, RecordClick also covers Argentina and Canada. RecordClick's headquarters is strategically located on the East Coast, providing an advantage based on proximity to immigration documentation. Offering more than just traditional look-ups and pedigrees for tracing ancestry, RecordClick pulls away from the pack by offering alternative research processes for big and small projects – such as DNA testing, forensic genealogy research, and customized ancestor search – allowing its clients to skim the surface or do a deep dive into tracing ancestry.

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