Church of Scientology Joins Three Other Churches in Creating Harmony for MLK Day

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, four churches came together for celebration in a joint church service on Sunday, January 20.

Nashville, TN, January 28, 2013 --( In a unique celebration which will be remembered for years to come, four churches joined to honor Dr. Martine Luther King, Jr. with a special service. Choirs sang together, pastors preached from the same pulpit, and members of all congregations sat together in pews.

“It was a beautiful thing,” says Rev. Brian Fesler of the Church of Scientology. “This is the first year we’ve participated in this and we are definitely coming back. The unity expressed today was itself spiritually uplifting.”

Other churches involved in the service included Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, First Unitarian Universalist Church and Historic Community Church. The Service was held at Corinthian and began with a potluck at 2pm, where all church members came together to break bread. After that, all moved swiftly to the sanctuary where they felt a sense of community unlike anything before.

Pastor Enoch Fuzz feels this is a historic way to help make the dream a reality. “We had four churches come together in a mix of races and faith, and all of our choirs sang together, each pastor led a part of the service and all congregations worshipped together in one house of God.”

Corinthian Baptist Church had long ago partnered with the First Unitarian Universalist Church for the MLK Day celebration, beginning this tradition more than ten years ago. This year, two new churches joined the program: the Church of Scientology and the Historic Community Church of Nashville.

“Dr. King stood for diversity and a unity among all people. We honored that in the best way possible –actually coming together in one place and celebrating our differences and similarities,” says Rev. Fesler.

In addition to each church leader conducting a portion of Sunday’s service, each church’s ministers and deacons performed devotionals for the day. Elder Glenn Clay of Historic Community Church presided over the service. The Occasion was delivered by Rev. Brian Fesler of the Church of Scientology. A keynote sermon was given by the Rev. Gail Seavey of the First Unitarian Universalist Church and Pastor Enoch Fuzz conducted an altar prayer for peace.
Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville
Julie Brinker