Announcing Ethos Web Solutions - Built to Provide Affordable Excellence to Attorneys

Ethos Web Solutions is a brand new agency composed of three, season online professionals. Ethos is celebrating its birth by giving out discounts to its first customers. The partnership of Ethos consists of Brian Case, a former attorney and expert web designer; Andre Halabi, a capable JavaScript, PHP, and HTML5 developer, and; John C Murray II, who has ten years of deep experience programming, and can fix virtually any technical problem.

Denver, CO, January 29, 2013 --( Ethos is a brand new agency that charges about 1/4th the going rate for high quality legal websites. Why? Ethos charges a fair market value for its services. However, everyone else just charges the legal community much more. There’s an “attorney premium,” that everyone assumes the legal community can pay, so that’s what specialist firms charge. Ethos charges normal, market rates for quality results.

Ethos’ web design philosophy is based around “cleanliness,” which means that legal websites should be simple, easy to understand, and allow a visitor to efficiently complete his / her business. Clean web designs help users find the information they are seeking even when under great stress. Additionally, legal websites tend to be transactional in nature, and a clean design makes completing transactions easier. A drawback to clean web design is less visual “wow,” but the partners of Ethos believe that users are seeking help when they visit an attorney’s website, not vivid design.

Ethos also emphasizes conversion testing and analytics more than most web design firms. Conversion testing and analytics are two paired disciplines that allow a webmaster to objectively determine the preferences of the market. Conversion testing works by presenting users with either slightly or radically different versions of a webpage. Analytics tracks the users’ reactions, and can thereby determine the best page, without guesswork.

Ethos has three partners: Brian Case, Andre Halabi, and John C Murray II. Brian Case is a graduate of the University of Denver law, and passed the bar in Oregon. Like many law school graduates, he decided to seek something outside the legal profession. Brian is the lead designer, but also handles much of the SEO, copywriting, analytics, conversion testing, and mobile optimization. Andre Halabi graduated from the University of Oregon. Andre programs in jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and also can optimize a site to maximize loading speed. John C Murray has been programming for more than a decade, and he is capable of programming in no less than six different languages. John is currently a Senior Developer at a Fortune 100 company, but hopes to become his own boss through freelance work.

Ethos is based in Denver, Colorado. It offers a permanent 20% discount to alumni of the University of Denver. Additionally, Ethos is celebrating its founding by offering a 25% discount to the first six attorneys to contract its services.
Ethos Web Solutions
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