New Whole Body Cryotherapy "CryoSauna" Launches in Canada

Toronto, Canada, January 30, 2013 --( Canadian company Millennium ICE Canada has officially opened the first CryoSauna in Ontario in early January. The clinic is nestled in the heart of the trendy Bloor West Village at 385 Jane Street in the Anti-Aging and Wellness Center. This clinic provides people the chance to demo the CryoSauna technology.

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a cutting-edge treatment that optimizes the human body’s natural ability to maintain peak performance and appearance. Whole Body Cryotherapy entails entering a CryoSauna and having your whole body – neck to toes – surrounded in nitrogen-cooled air reaching extremely low temperatures (-166 Celsius) over a short duration of time (2-3 minutes).

In Europe, this therapy is recognized as a standard of care for rheumatoid arthritis, weight challenges, skin diseases and immunity deficiencies. Now, Cryotherapy is gaining increased popularity amongst the alternative healthcare market in North America.

Cryotherapy usage in North America evolved from the sporting market. The NBA, WWE, and many Olympians endorse Cryotherapy. These elite athletes recognize Cryotherapy as a treatment that helps give them an edge on their opponents by increasing the rate of healing and recovery – with as much as five times the benefits over conventional icing methods. (Source:

Who is Millennium ICE Canada?

Millennium ICE Canada is the exclusive Canadian dealer of the Millennium ICE Space Cabin CryoSauna. The CryoSauna has been in North America for over three years now and has had a very positive reception.

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To learn more about this product and alternative therapy, or to book an appointment to use the CryoSauna, please visit or contact:

Andrew Robertson, President
385 Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario
Office: (647) 282-8884
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