The Cost of Higher Education in the US is Putting it Beyond the Reach of Many of the Most Gifted Students, a Survey Reveals

Los Angeles, CA, August 01, 2007 --( The cost of higher education prevents many 'gifted' students from pursuing academia, a new survey suggests.

The survey, conducted on behalf of think-tank My Education Directory ( ), revealed that in spite of student support grants and loans, the total cost of higher education is too much for many poorer students and their families to afford.

The study, taking into account the overall cost of tuition, books and living costs, reflects an increase in the general expenses incurred by students during the course of their studies.

The news has been condemned by industry insiders, claiming fundamental flaws in education funding are blocking out students from poorer backgrounds on the basis of finances rather than merit. Michael DeLion from My Education Directory ( ) suggests that intrinsic flaws in the organisation of higher education are to blame for the funding crisis. "The structure of higher education makes funding studies a real struggle for many of our poorest families. Unfortunately as a result, we've created a two-tiered system that excludes those from poorer families."


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