The WS Family of Products: Lufft Measurement and Control Technology as a Compact Solution

Fellbach, Germany, February 01, 2013 --( For over 130 years, the G. Lufft Company ( has been offering high-quality measurement and control products to satisfy the ever-changing demands of technology and environmental conditions. The WS family of products provides a compact solution for measurement challenges of all kinds. A single meter can be used to measure and calculate various parameters such as air temperature, humidity, and wind speed. The WS family includes various compact weather stations aimed at the diverse requirements of the fields of meteorology, agricultural technology, hydrology, early risk detection, transportation, and renewable energy.

The WS600-UMB ( was the first success in the WS family. Lufft delivered the first unit of this model in December 2008. Since then, the product family has continued to expand and develop around these weather stations. Lufft's WS products include a unique variety of products in the field of measurement technology. The all-in-one systems are one-of-a-kind SmartSensors composed of individual measurement sensors that can be adjusted individually or even broken down into their component parts. These compact measurement stations can really do it all, as evidenced by the variety of environments in which they are used.

The WS family of products is currently deployed worldwide for a multitude of different uses. Approximately 300 weather stations with WS600-UMB all-in-one sensors provide Russia's weather service with precise measurement data even under extreme conditions. In Italy, the WS600-UMB is exposed to significantly warmer temperatures. In the Bozen region, it supports road weather information systems that help protect drivers and their passengers on the public highways. Of course, the Fellbach-based company's measuring stations are also in use in Germany. The German Federal Environment Agency in Langen opted for the WS600-UMB to measure ultrafine particulates. German companies Grimm and Palas also installed the compact measurement attachment on containers equipped for fine particulate measurement. The model of choice for Solare Datensysteme GmbH was the WS501-UMB. When deployed as a pyranometer, it measures the strength of total solar insulation on the solar arrays, enabling precise photovoltaic monitoring. The all-in-one technology also detects other important parameters, such as additional environmental conditions, in order to protect the solar installation during severe weather events and other extreme conditions.

To date, the WS family has grown to include 14 different variations of the all-in-one systems - a success story with no end in sight. A large measurement network using Lufft WS technology is currently under construction in the Philippines. Offering a diverse range of systems continues to be a top priority at Lufft.

About G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH:

Since it's founding by Gotthilf Lufft in 1881, G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH has been the leader in the production of climatological measuring equipment. Lufft's capacity for innovation and precision has helped its products establish the solid reputation they enjoy around the world. The company's products can be found in use wherever variables such as air pressure, temperature, relative humidity and other environmental factors need to be measured. In line with its commitment to the company motto of "Tradition and Innovation," electronic products have now joined their mechanical ancestors and show the same Lufft quality in a digital age. Together with its subsidiaries in the U.S. and in China, the company has 80 employees. In November 2012, G. Lufft GmbH was awarded the German Standards Brand Prize and was named a "Brand of the Century."

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