World Cheerleading Hall of Fame Seeks Permanent Home

Official Home to Honor Cheerleading Champions is Underway

Austin, TX, August 01, 2007 --( The World Cheerleading Hall of Fame, a development project of Proformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment (PSME), has officially kicked off its search for a permanent home city. The Shrine will be home to cheerleaders worldwide and will honor the legacy and spirit of those who have developed the sport into the global success it is today.

Representing the first of its kind, the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame is an exciting milestone in sports history. The development comes at a prime time when cheerleading is growing at exponential rates. Cheerleading possesses a loyal worldwide following of tens of millions of participants and fans. Aside from the millions of alumni throughout the world, there are roughly 8 million active cheerleaders worldwide and an unspecified number of pom and dance members. The rapid increase in cheer gym start-up companies continues to produce competitive teams in the marketplace, resulting in an estimated one million new participants annually. This makes cheerleading one of the fastest growing sports for female and male youth today, creating billions of dollars in economic benefits to cities.

Like the dozens of multi-day cheerleading activities held each week around the country, the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame is expected to boost the home city’s economy by filling shopping, restaurant and entertainment venues. Additionally, the activity revenue generated by Shrine-goers will create hundreds of new job openings, generate repeat tourism and allow the visitor market to grow and prosper within the chosen city.

The Shrine will include highly interactive exhibits and quality film footage to honor the sport of cheerleading and the legends that have endured for over 150 years. More than a historical attraction, it will be a meeting and gathering locale for cheerleading participants, alumni and fans throughout the year.

The World Cheerleading Hall of Fame is being led by a highly respected, veteran executive team that includes cheerleading industry leaders; notable market economists; television, movie and literary executives; real estate brokerage advisors; a financial and legal team; and a former high-level NFL executive. Honorary advisors to the team include Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer, father of modern-day cheerleading and founder of the National Cheerleaders Association; Randy Neil, founder of the International Cheerleading Foundation; and Hilda McDaniel, All-Star cheerleading pioneer.

Spearheading the charge is Cindy Villarreal-Hughes, president of PSME. Villarreal-Hughes, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and NFL Entertainment Director, has spent much of her life in the NFL and NBA sports and entertainment industries. “This will be a great moment in history for cheerleaders. Soon, we can tell our fascinating story and celebrate the heroes who made this sport what it is today,” said Villarreal-Hughes. The concept for the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame belongs to Villarreal-Hughes, who is also the author of The Cheerleader’s Guide to Life.

Two world-class architects have shown interest in the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame development and are available for city consultation. Cities interested in the development are encouraged to contact the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame.

Cheerleaders and fans from around the world are invited to vote on the location for the Shrine by visiting “The public’s vote will be one of several factors taken into consideration for our final location,” said Villarreal-Hughes.

For more information, please contact Proformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment at (512) 391-9800.

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