Blogger Launches, a Celebrity Beauty Secrets, Skin + Diet & Fitness Website

A Curation of Beauty Secrets & Fitness Tips Directly from Celebrities in One Directory

Mesa, AZ, February 04, 2013 --( A new website, has launched. The site provides readers, women ages 16 to 45, with a curation of celebrity beauty secrets, skin, makeup, fitness, diet and hair routines from the celebrities themselves in one directory.

The new site addresses an issue women have when searching the web for beauty and fitness resources from their favorite celebrities.... information overload. According to Founder and Editor-in-Chief Tierra Wilson, “After tons of bookmarks and hours of searching, I became frustrated with the fact that no websites had a comprehensive collection of celebrity beauty, hair, diet or fitness routines in one place, and that’s how Celebrity Routines started.”

Real Celebrity Beauty and Fitness Routines, Not Gossip or Speculation
Right now the newly launched site has approximately 50 celebrity pages. Each page has a list of beauty and fitness quotes directly from celebrities. From favorite beauty products to workout routines, the directory is expected to grow to over 300 celebrity pages by the end of year.

“My goal is to create a place where you can find real celebrity beauty and fitness routines, not gossip or speculation. Every fact has been researched thoroughly and quotes taken from the celebrities themselves,” says Wilson. “I’ve put a lot of work into each page of the site and each celebrity and will continue to add new celebrities weekly.”

Readers can also enjoy blog,The CR Daily, which will cover the latest in celebrity beauty and fitness news. The blog will also cover beauty and fitness product reviews, best selling lists, book reviews and more.

About Celebrity Routines
Celebrity Routines is a website that provides you with a curation of celebrity beauty secrets, skin, makeup, fitness, diet and hair routines and regimens in a directory. Launched in February 2013 by Tierra Wilson, a celebrity lifestyle junkie, blogger and digital entrepreneur, Celebrity Routines’ content comes directly from celebrities through a curation of quotes and interviews.

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