New York Times Bestselling Author Joyce Vedral Releases Latest Fitness DVDs to Retail

Hackensack, NJ, August 01, 2007 --( New York Times best-selling health and fitness author Joyce Vedral brings her two latest DVDs to retail in August and September. These new DVDs from one of America’s most recognizable fitness personalities join her five previous best-selling DVDs in the retail marketplace. BayView Entertainment, one of America’s leading providers of fitness programming, is handling the distribution of Joyce’s DVD series. Retail priced at $19.99 each, Speedy Non-Stop Fat Meltdown (coming August 7) and The Complete Definition Workout (coming September 4) are destined to be popular hits with fitness buffs everywhere. Joyce’s DVDs have consistently been among Amazon’s top-selling titles in the fitness category and over her long and highly successful fit biz career, Joyce has sold over two million fitness DVDs. The DVDs can be found for purchase at all major brick & mortar video retailers and via the internet at,,, and other online outlets.

Speedy Non-Stop Fat Meltdown (August 7)
A new 100% weight-training aerobic workout that is even quicker than Joyce’s first Non Stop - the average workout day is only 18 minutes. You do your entire upper body and abs routine without stopping and without getting tired because of the unique way the exercises are grouped: doing your whole workout for your light weight, then your middle weight, then your heaviest weight and you're done. You burn maximum fat and get amazing definition. If you liked the first Non Stop you’ll love this one! Also enjoy creating your own workout–and take advantage of the additional abdominal workout not found in any of Joyce’s other videos.

The Complete Definition Workout (September 4)
Shape without bulk in only 15 minutes a day. Also includes 30 minute maximum plan plus a never-before-seen bonus ABS section. Do your upper body on workout day one for either 15 or 30 minutes - and get sexy and defined chest, triceps, shoulders and bicep muscles with the ultra-fat-burning muscle-defining system. You’ll also do supersets within body parts and follow the full pyramid system. Do your lower and middle body on workout day two for either 15 or 30 minutes - and whittle away at your hips, raise and shape your butt, lift, sculpt and define your thighs and create curvaceous calves. Get a flat defined, rock hard stomach, and along with it get rid of the bra-roll back! In addition to the extra abdominal work contained in workout day two, this video has BONUS ABS! These exercises can be added in to either workout day one or two, or both days, for even faster stomach results. You will need three sets of light dumbbells to start with - 1, 2 and 3 pounds each (you will need two of each) but as you get stronger you will keep raising your weights: 2, 3 and 5; 3, 5 and 8; 5,8 and 10; and so on. You’ll get stronger - faster - with Joyce Vedral.

Also available from Joyce Vedral and BayView Entertainment:
Complete Weight Training, $19.99
Bone Building Bodyshaping, $19.99
Complete Interval Aerobic, $19.99
Top Shape - It’s Now Or Never Total Body Workout, $19.99
Vertical Abs, Slow & Steady, and Fat Zapping, $19.99

About Joyce Vedral
Joyce Vedral is a legend in the fitness world. It was Joyce who first urged women to pick up weights. Before she evolved into a New York Times best-selling health and fitness author and DVD fitness talent, Joyce began her career as an English teacher. She got into fitness because, “I was getting fatter every year, (and) I was embarrassed to stand in front my class.” By experimenting with bodybuilding techniques, Joyce reinvented and put her newly developed moves into her signature, cutting edge methodologies. Even though Joyce is an in-demand fitness celebrity/personality, she remains in touch with all her fans. “I answer every letter and e-mail because I’m thrilled to give the secret to not only getting in shape, but staying in shape too.” Joyce is also a television veteran, having appeared on Oprah, Montel Williams, and the Today show.

About BayView Entertainment, LLC
BayView Entertainment, LLC, an independent leader in the home entertainment marketplace, distributes a versatile array of fitness, dance, and special interest titles to suit the ever-changing needs of home entertainment audiences. Some of the diverse artists BayView represents include: Gilad, Finis Jhung, Broadway Dance Center, Joyce Vedral, Christi Taylor, Lester Horton, Salsa Crazy, 8 Minute Abs and Yoga Journal magazine. BayView Entertainment, LLC can be found online at

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