Cassbeth Releases New Software "Fuzzy Mining Tool" for Law Firms and Others Who Need to Find Content in OCR and Other Documents That May Have Spelling Errors

Cherry Hill, NJ, February 05, 2013 --( Cassbeth releases new software Fuzzy Mining Tool. FMT is for everyone who needs to find content in documents that may have spelling errors. Many times documents are scanned and the original versions are not available. These documents are subjected to optical character recognition (OCR) but the OCR process is not perfect. There are spelling errors, which include wrong letters and missing letters.

FMT allows a user to find content in OCR and other documents with spelling errors. The user is able to select parameters associated with the number of misspelled letters and missing letters, allowing the search results to be tuned on the fly by the user. FMT mimics the Internet search engine experience with results returned in your web browser, but the data and processing is kept and performed local on your computer. It is fast and easy to use and can be given to any staff members to find that needle in the haystack.

FMT like all CassBeth software tools is available to try for free using demo keys. In the demo version the user is presented with a small book image “Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering.” It is available from Amazon and other destinations. When the software is purchased, keys are provided to suppress the image and link of the book.

About CassBeth:
Cassbeth is a technology company offering software and system engineering products originating from its Internet E-Commerce experiments that started in 1997 and over 35 years experience in Aerospace and Education. It is also the publisher of "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering" and "Systems Practices as Common Sense."

Published by CassBeth
Claudia Joy