RONCO Nitech® Exam Gloves Satisfy Demand for Comfort, Fit & Dexterity

Five years after launch, this synthetic alternative stands out in a mature disposable glove market.

Toronto, Canada, February 06, 2013 --( Five years after its launch, sales of the RONCO Nitech® examination glove continue to climb, and the product has found a comfortable niche in a $3 billion North American disposable hand protection market.

Nitech® is a high quality powder-free synthetic alternative to nitrile, latex or vinyl gloves. It is manufactured using a proprietary RONCO formula that delivers superior tensile strength, elasticity and touch sensitivity. RONCO invites prospective customers to “Feel the Difference” in its flagship product.

“We were definitely ahead of the curve in creating this innovative and competitively priced product,” stated Ron Pecchioli, RONCO President. “We are seeing increased applications for Nitech in segments that traditionally had little awareness of hygiene requirements, particularly in home or long-term healthcare and food services.”

Nitech also addresses the needs of end-users who have typically been underserved in dentistry, advanced technology and other non-medical applications that have a high risk of contamination and infection. Nitech is a perfect fit for these customers who seek a combination of quality, comfort and dexterity in a task-appropriate glove.

Mr. Pecchioli reflects, “Increasing safety regulations and end-user awareness will generate continued growth in the distribution of Nitech. Consistent quality, excellent customer service and RONCO’s commitment to ISO standardization in the medical and food industries will be our differentiators.”

Established in 1996, RONCO is a world-class manufacturer of safety and plastic products. With a focus on consistent quality and outstanding customer service, RONCO has developed a strong presence across Canada for delivering safety solutions for Hand, Head and Body as well as FIBC, Polywovens and a variety of plastic bags.

RONCO is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified for the manufacture and distribution of non-sterile disposable medical examination gloves and is ISO 22000 certified for food safety management systems. For more information, please contact us.

Vani Kshattriya
Marketing Manager
905 660 6700 ext. 275
Vani Kshattriya
905-660-6700 Ext. 275