TelStar Communications Announces New Email Marketing Campaigns with Embedded Videos

New technology allows TelStar Communications to include video clips inside email messages for their clients.

Trent Hills, Canada, February 06, 2013 --( Ontario-based marketing firm TelStar Communications is now offering their clients the ability to embed videos in emails as part of their overall service packages. The emails provide the recipient with a short video “teaser” about a product or service, getting the attention of the reader and then giving them a way to click through to a longer video and/or the client's website.

“This is brand-new technology,” said TelStar CEO Randy Crane. “By using a combination of techniques, including file compression, we've been able to create email messages that actually include video clips. By combining these with outbound and inbound calling, we're getting much higher response rates for our clients than ever before.”

In the past, Crane stated, customers who wanted to include videos in email had limited options, because it was difficult to embed footage within the email message itself; recipients had to click on something within the message which would take them to a different landing page or website, so response rates were not good. In addition, because incorporating video into an email message made it too large, any messages with video in them would either not load properly or would wind up in a SPAM folder.

For these and other reasons, video in email was attempted in the past, but didn't take off with marketers. As early as 1999, RadicalMail tested the use of streaming media in email, but the idea was set aside. About a decade later, Goldmail Systems tried to bring back the concept, but they failed, even after raising $45 million in venture capital funds. The difference now is that changes in technology allow video to flourish where it once flagged; with mobile devices including iPhones and iPads, as well as greater bandwidth, HTML5 and new levels of compression, it's much easier for recipients to view and access footage.

“Not only have we been able to offer this new technology to our clients, but we're showing fantastic delivery rates with all major email clients and providers, including Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Google and AOL,” said Crane. “We're getting a 98% in-box delivery rate for our customers.”

Crane also noted, “While the use of video in email is certainly growing, TelStar's approach is different because we use video in email to present our clients' products and services to a specific demographic based on the information gathered through our detailed prospect records. TelStar is the first to do this, and we're getting outstanding results.”

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