Trikke Push Scooters Now Available in Marketplace

Trikke Push Scooters are now available at the Marketplace. Featured items include the T78CS Bike, T78 Air Deluxe (EA), and Tech T7 Series 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter.

Pasadena, CA, February 06, 2013 --( is proud to announce the inclusion of Trikke push scooters/kickbikes to the Marketplace, a comparison shopping engine that displays environmentally friendly vehicles from a long list of merchants from all across the web.

Trikke is a brand of recreational vehicles that is manufactured and and designed by Trikke, Tech Inc.

Trikke brand push scooters are ideal for both beginners and pros alike. They can be used by individuals looking to shed some weight, or for reaching a wide assortment of fitness goals. They are environmentally friendly modes of transportation, and can by useful for short-distance commuting. In 2002, Trikke was featured in Time Magazine for having one of “The Best Inventions of the Year.” This company is known for manufacturing products made of high quality components that are aesthetically pleasing.

For those who are unfamiliar with the structure of Trikke scooters, they are mainly fabricated with many of the same features found on standard kick scooters. They are is propelled by the rider kicking off the ground, and require the rider to stand while using the vehicle. On top of that they possess a a handlebar, deck and wheels. However, Trikkes have a unique feature that separates them from the true push scooter class. They main difference is that they are equipped with a double platform that is engineered for “active riding.” This feature permits riders to have improved maneuverability.

Founder and President at, Frank Minero, said of the product’s launch on the comparison shopping marketplace that: "We are very excited to be adding such a highly sought after scooter to our inventory. This is a beautifully built and well-engineered product that we are sure our customers will love."

Below is a small sample of a few Trikke push scooters currently available in the Marketplace including the Trikke T78 Air Deluxe (EA). This vehicle can create enough momentum to reach top speeds of about 18 miles per hour on level ground. Most riders can easily learn to maneuver steep hills and similar obstacles. This model is outfited with Trikke's patented 3CV technology, which possesses a balanced three-point platform for the rider. The Trikke T78CS Bike is an improved version of the T7 Coupe. It is now has the capability of mounting 8" polyurethane wheels and the premium 8.5" T8 Air tires. It offers a sturdy3-point platform that gravitates into the turn with the rider while all three wheels remain in contact with the floor. Lastly, the Trikke Tech T7 Series 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter is engineered for use by adult riders. This vehicle mounts both polyurethane (solid) wheels and aluminum rims with high pressure pneumatic tires on a single steel frame. The Air tire on the front provides improved traction and a more fluid feel while carving. The manufacturer puts the carrying capacity at about 250lbs.

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