Healing Chakra Tools Are Now Available at The Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago

After a long and tiresome holiday season, many feel overwhelmed and under appreciated at work or home. These great tools, along with mediation and healing services offered at their location, will help uplift spirits and allow better focus. The solution may be one of the great tasting teas, or a fragrant candle which helps keep the chakra energies flowing.

Chicago, IL, February 07, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The Astrology & Crystals store is now open and located near Lincoln Park on Diversey Parkway. The convenient location is accessible via public transportation or Lake Shore Drive. The store carries many tools used in meditation and tuning of energies that may be unbalanced. From teas and candles to wearable items and even tapestries designed to improve energy flow.

The Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago's Astrology & Crystals Store offers only high quality goods at affordable prices. Many of their clients enjoy the Chakra Teas on a daily basis, even if the energy is not in need of tuning. The Teas taste great and offer many more benefits than regular tea or coffee would.

The goal of Astrology & Crystals is to help clients improve their energy flow while balancing their lives through meditation and readings which provide the client an insight overlooked by the consciousness. The Practitioners are able to tap into the client's energies and see what is troubling the flow, giving a solution to the loss of energy, focus or sex drive the client may experience.

With so many issues causing many people trouble these days, the benefits of a balancing and in tune Chakra are very important to keep the edge of life at bay. The tools offered at Astrology & Crystals will improve many areas of life, love and work that are suffering from the blockages or negative energy horded in the Chakra.

Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago's Astrology & Crystals Store is located at 430 W Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL. Call for an appointment, walk ins are very welcome.

Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago
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