FieldTurf Launches Innovative "CoolPlay" Artificial Turf Systems

Montreal, Canada, February 08, 2013 --( High Performance. Low Temperature. FieldTurf has announced the launch of its new and innovative FieldTurf CoolPlay systems, designed to provide clients with a cooler surface temperature versus traditional turfs – with no compromise to the safety and performance of the fields.

The experts at the FieldTurf Innovation and Performance Center have been hard at work finding a solution to lower the surface temperature of an artificial turf surface. Years of experimenting with materials and systems has finally paid off. Independent third-party laboratory results concluded that CoolPlay was 35ºF cooler than traditional sand / rubber infill systems.

“FieldTurf started out testing all known products and components that have been touted as heat reducers for infilled turf fields,” said FieldTurf President Eric Daliere. “Cork was the best of both worlds – a material proven to absorb less heat and also provide shock absorbent characteristics. The CoolPlay system was the only combination that reduced heat while still meeting all of our requirements for what we consider to be a high performance surface.”

Research led FieldTurf to a special cork top dressing that would replace the top layer of crumb rubber in the FieldTurf patented three-layer infill system, to form the FieldTurf CoolPlay system. FieldTurf’s renowned three-layer infill has proven to offer ideal performance and safety in over 4,500 fields around the world. The cork used in the CoolPlay system as a top layer of infill is durable, shock absorbing and absorbs far less heat than other alternatives. The many layers of cryogenic rubber and silica sand still form the majority of the infill in the CoolPlay system in order to contribute to the same Elite level performance that FieldTurf has become known for.

CoolPlay wasn’t developed just to be cool and high performing. The CoolPlay system also allows clients to save a significant amount of money versus installing irrigation systems to help reduce the surface temperature of an artificial surface.

About FieldTurf

FieldTurf is the inventor and world leader in infilled artificial turf with over 4,500 installations in North America. In the NFL, 22 of 32 teams have selected FieldTurf for their game and / or practice facilities while over 100 NCAA D-1 programs in all sports play and/or practice on FieldTurf, including such powerhouse programs as Illinois, Louisville, Michigan, Missouri, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Washington State to name a few.

FieldTurf is part of Tarkett Sports, a Division of the Tarkett Group. Tarkett Sports is the largest entity in the sports and landscape surfacing industries. Included within the Tarkett Sports portfolio is an impressive range of performance sports flooring products. This product range includes: synthetic and hardwood basketball; volleyball and gymnasium flooring; squash and racquetball courts; floor protection and covering systems; weight room flooring; and high performance indoor and outdoor running tracks, featuring Beynon and Atlas track surfaces.

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Jason Smollett