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Dyson Introduces Three New Hand Dryers

Huntersville, NC, February 09, 2013 --( Dyson is known for manufacturing high end vacuum cleaners and extremely popular hand dryers, introduced three new commercial hand dryers. As major distributors of the Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers, Restroom Direct will be selling the new Airblade hand dryers throughout the US, and will be distributing them in Europe. The new products are expected to be available for purchase beginning May to August of 2013.

All three of the new hand dryers will be utilizing Dyson’s new flagship digital motor. It was seven years in the making and is one of the smallest fully-integrated 1600W motors. It's the only hand dryer motor powerful enough dry hands in 10 seconds. This long-life energy efficient motor is digitally switched at 6,000 times per second, making the high compression fan spin 90,000 times a minute. With only three moving parts, there are no slip rings or carbon brushes to wear down.

Dyson Airblade MK2
The Dyson Airblade MK2 is similar to the existing line of Dyson products. The size, shape look and function is essentially the same, however with the new Dyson digital motor, these hand dryers are expected to be more efficient and make less noise all at the same time.

Dyson Airblade V
The Dyson V Model will resemble the traditional wall-hung hand dryer that blows down on the user’s hands. The V will not simply blow water off of the hands, but utilize the signature Dyson air-knife technology. With the new digital Dyson motor, this promises to be a good new addition.

Dyson Airblade Tap
Dyson Tap is truly the hand dryer of the future. This is not only a hand dryer, but it serves as a water faucet also. Hands are placed underneath the center of the tap to activate the water. The user then moves his hands to either side of the tap. The water turns off and the Dyson digital motor is activated, creating an air-blade that scrapes the water off of his hands. The beauty is that the water goes right back into the sink. No water is sprayed on walls or collects in puddles on the floor. Each sink gets its own hand dryer.

The entire range of the Dyson Airblade hand dryers can be seen at Restroom Direct at In Europe, the Dyson Airblade hand dryer is available at

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