New Age Book Released Entitled: Oh My Genetics Of Divinity

New Age New Thought Book “Oh My Genetics Of Divinity” claims to resolve the riddle and reveals the code of Eternal Consciousness that is already embedded in the human DNA and designed to guide the individual to a delightful and purposeful life experience, thereby collectively ushering a new era of peace and harmony.

Carlsbad, CA, February 09, 2013 --( Is World Peace Really an Enigma of Impossibilities?

Certified Hypnotherapist and Software Engineer Joy Ghosh is pleased to announce the release of his new age, new consciousness and purposeful living book, Oh My Genetics Of Divinity, the first in the series of Genetics Of Divinity books, which was officially launched on December 21, 2012, the day that marked the re-birth of Human Consciousness.

The core principle of the code of Eternal Consciousness that the author describes as the Genetics Of Divinity is to “establish symbiotic collaborative relationships through the free will of mutual consent between the relating partners for the purpose of collective coexistence, so that both partners in the relationship can enjoy a delightful life experience”. This code is already embedded in the human DNA but it lays dormant and has been rendered ineffective through man-made artificial memory systems that control conscious human behavior and conduct today.

“All conflict in the world that we see today and since pre-historic times, be it domestic, social, communal, corporate, national or international can attribute the root cause to be the violation of the core principle of the Genetics Of Divinity. Someone, somewhere burdened with the artificial paradigm of scarcity and lack, violated the free will of someone, somewhere through their own free will for personal gains, as a result of which humanity is unable to establish those symbiotic collaborative relationships which are guaranteed to facilitate collective coexistence. This is the root cause why humanity is in the state of plight that we see in the world today. But the good news is we finally have a solution – a solution that is already embedded in our DNA,” says the author Joy Ghosh.

The author describes the design and implementation of the code of Eternal Consciousness as the “Genetics Of Divinity” because it was already in place before this physical Universe as we know it came into Existence. This code that governs every aspect of Existence is embedded as a memory system in the second pair of DNA strands in each one of us. We are all born with this natural program which when allowed to operate as designed, would guide the individual through events, circumstances and relationships all of which contribute to a delightful life experience based on service delivered to others and service received from others, subsequently leading to the fulfillment of the life purpose of the individual. However, this code lays dormant, shrouded under the layers of artificial man-made paradigms of scarcity, lack, deprivation and violation of free will and hence is rendered impotent to perform as designed.

In the book the author challenges the manner in which the Law of Attraction has been promoted and illustrates through scientific proof, the true mechanics of the Cycle of Creation that may be leveraged for repeatable manifestation of targets and desires.

When the code is reactivated from the dormant memories in the subconscious mind into the conscious mind and allowed to perform its natural functions, it can guide the individual to a life experience filled with prosperity, love, peace, health and harmony. Attentive reading of the book starts the process of reactivation of the dormant memories of this code in the reader’s subconscious mind as the Eternal Consciousness bubbles up to the conscious mind, affirmatively affecting rational thought and action that are aligned with the Genetics Of Divinity.

Readers of the book also get complimentary access to hours and hours of training audio/video content along with access to the author for clarifications and comments through the online Multiversity portal accessible at This additional training is meant to augment the reactivation process of the code of the Genetics Of Divinity organically and enhance the quality of the life experience.

Oh My Genetics Of Divinity is available in print and in e-book format.

Book Details:
Oh My Genetics Of Divinity
Author: Joy Ghosh
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-0615733968
Published: December 2012
Pages: 470

About the Author:
Joy Ghosh is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Software Solution Architect, a certified Hypnotherapist, author, speaker and coach. After investing tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on a generous variety of self-development products and programs on the heavily touted Law of Attraction, all to no avail to improve the conditions of his life experience, it had become a question of survival for Joy to figure things out fast or else. Determined to seek the answers and resolve the many simultaneous challenges in his life, he invested over a decade in research leveraging his knowledge of Applied and Theoretical Physics, Chemistry, Human Anatomy, Engineering, Astronomy, Spirituality, Religion, Hypnotherapy, Sacred Geometry, Multi-Dimensional Energetics, and of course guidance from his Fifth Dimensional self that he calls as his "Activebody" in a quest to learn the Truth behind Creation and Existence. The result has been the activation of the dormant memories of the Genetics Of Divinity - the code of Eternal Consciousness that the author reveals in his first book in the Genetics Of Divinity series – Oh My Genetics of Divinity.

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