CMH Adopt a School Project Update

All staff at CMH, of which First Car Rental is wholly-owned subsidiary, embarked on an Adopt-A-School Project in an attempt to upgrade selected schools.

Johannesburg, South Africa, February 10, 2013 --( All staff at CMH, of which First Car Rental is a wholly-owned subsidiary, embarked on an Adopt-A-School Project in 2012, in an attempt to significantly upgrade selected schools, making a big difference to those that need help.

The objective of the adoption is to support the creation and enhancement of a conducive learning environment at schools in rural areas.

CMH strongly believes that the future of every company in the country, including CMH, lies in the hands of our children, and without proper education, they cannot succeed.

The First Beneficiary - Kwamakhuta Comprehensive High School

The first beneficiary identified is Kwamakhuta Comprehensive High School, located south of Durban. CMH visited the school and there is so much that needs to be done that they got started straight away with identifying urgent needs.

Needs Identified - Kwamakhuta Comprehensive High School

Based on discussions with the principal and the Head of Department of the Technical department, CMH and First Car Rental staff have agreed to start by assisting the school to buy new teaching aids and technical apparatus in the science and mechanical/ technical streams (where some equipment is 30 years old), and by sponsoring sports gear for the school’s three soccer teams.

Update January 2013

• Plans for the new science lab have been drawn up by an architect.
• CMH have received a costing from a quantity surveyor.
• CMH are looking to source contractors and suppliers of desks, lab equipment, fittings, etc.
• CMH plan to commence with work on site when the building season opens in January 2013.
• CMH employees and mangement have raised a total of R115,000 so far.

CMH personally thanks everyone who has donated to this worthy cause. Thanks to you, CMH are one step closer to achieving their goal of giving the Kwamakhuta students the education they truly deserve.
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