Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Offers a New Course: Italian Tour

Now, the Italian language school Leonardo da Vinci offers a new course called “Italian Tour” in which students can learn Italian while travelling throughout the most beautiful Italian cities.

Florence, Italy, February 10, 2013 --( When it comes to Italy many people imagine pizza, pasta, fashion, loud people, dramatic temperament and thousands of years of history. Actually they are not far from the truth but Italy has so much more to offer.

To have a real taste of Italy you need to live the South and North and experience as many as possible contrasts between the different Italian regions.

The school created a new program for all who want to learn Italian but also want to learn about the real Italy. The school is offering the opportunity of learning Italian, travelling around Italy and not being just a tourist.

It’s possible to discover Italy and select the destinations from four of Italy’s most memorable cities: Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena.

The new program Italian Tour has a minimum duration of 2 weeks. Students will have the opportunity to travel to at least 2 Italian cities representing different aspects of the Italian culture.

Italian Tour consists of 20 group language lessons weekly. The four schools follow the same course structure. The atmosphere in the various regions will allow students to experience Italy in different ways.

Non beginners can start on every Monday and the starting dates for absolute beginners are the following:

07 Jan / 21 Jan / 04 Feb / 18 Feb / 04 Mar / 02 Apr / 15 Apr / 29 Apr / 06 May / 20 May / 03 Jun / 17 Jun / 01 Jul / 15 Jul / 29 Jul / 05 Aug / 19 Aug / 02 Sep / 16 Sep / 30 Sep / 14 Oct / 28 Oct / 11 Nov / 25 Nov / 09 Dec

The schools provide transportation and accommodation assistance and take care of the appropriate class level and extra activities.

Through their study of Italian language, culture and art and their immersion in contrasting landscapes, regional traditions and cuisine, students will find in “Italian Tour” a profound and satisfying travel experience.

Home of Classical Italian and the Renaissance, Florence is located in Tuscany along the famous Arno River. Considered the centre of modern western history and culture, it has brought us such great artists as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante and Boccaccio.

By far Italy’s most cosmopolitan city. Here students will find a mixture of ancient roots and modern technology, where illustrious houses of fashion, chic restaurants, big banks and the Italian Stock Exchange share space with a stunning Gothic cathedral, the Sforza Castle, Leonardo’s Last Supper, and the marvellous Brera Art Gallery.

One of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world, featuring more than 2600 years of European history and culture. A veritable living museum, Rome has three million inhabitants, ancient ruins, magnificent fountains, and elegant shopping districts, all filtered through the seductively sweet Italian lifestyle known as "la dolce vita."

A magical city surrounded by olive groves and vineyards in the very heart of Tuscany. The centre of this medieval jewel is the shell shaped Piazza del Campo, where twice a year the Palio horse race is held. Discovering Siena’s unique cultural traditions, stunning architecture, Early Renaissance masterpieces and robust cuisine.

Further information about this Italian language course in Italy are available on the school’s official website.
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