Beautiful Life Productions (BLP) Community Welcomes Bryan Gianesin of Gianesin Law Firm as an Important Team Member and Part of The OC 100 Irvine

Bryan Gianesin, attorney and founder of Gianesin Law Firm, is welcomed into the Beautiful Life Productions (BLP) Community as a team member, 1 of The OC 100 Irvine.

Newport Beach, CA, February 10, 2013 --( Beautiful Life Productions (BLP) Community welcomes Bryan Gianesin, Founder of Gianesin Law Firm, as an exclusive member of The BLP Community. The OC 100 Irvine are made up of 50 exceptional women and 50 extraordinary men all who gain the privilege of belonging to this gateway of this 21st century's new business paradigm.

This paradigm focuses on a new definition of "Collaboration" of which Bryan excels at. This new type of collaboration is the connection between Bryan and the 99 other business owners which is simply put, a deeply human activity. Ephraim Freed of The Social Intranet defines collaboration as two or more people working together towards shared goals. According to Freed, the prerequisites for this collaboration are a shared sense of community and a clear and common purpose.

If you look at Bryan Gianesin's professional life as an attorney over the years, you will find that his accomplishments and successes more than satisfy the prerequisites to become a Beautiful Life Productions (BLP) Community and The OC 100 member. Mr. Gianesin, a seasoned attorney, cares deeply about his clients and their families. He has successfully counseled over 400 individuals and businesses over the past 27 years. He has lived in and worked in Orange County, California for over 30 years, and is an active member of Wealth Counsel, a nationally recognized organization of wealth and estate planning attorneys and financial professionals.

Mr. Gianesin has a passion for advising individuals, emerging professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners. He customizes thoughtful and clear estate plans and family business succession plans for each and every client. With qualities such as these, Bryan Gianesin fits right into the ideal BLP client profile that contains such attributes as being:

· Ambitious, purposeful, and visionary
· Creative & powerful
· Leading with strong positive energy
· Interested in growing business revenues
· A leader to press forward for others and to do the same
· Committed and engaged while being smart, strong, focused
· Lives a life that consistently reflects these values

Beautiful Life Productions, LLC. (BLP) is the gateway to the 21st Century's new business paradigm. When great talents come together in collaboration and base their decisions and support on this state of mind, the Community thrives and the possibilities for success are endless. The BLP community looks forward to joining Mr. Gianesin with other like minds such as Susan Levinstein, HMWC Partner with CPA Firm, Leading Huntington Beaches premiere real estate boutique; Diana Perna, PK Real Estate and Wealth Advisor; and David Jones of Yosemite Capital. The BLP Community's belief is that each individual has a significant purpose personally and professionally and so much more can be accomplished in true collaboration.

According to Sheryl Lynn, CEO and Founder of BLP, "Bryan has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge already in his field. Our plan as with all members is to propel his expertise, knowledge and genius of his work to gain a next wave of momentum. This additional exposure and attention to his skill set simply supports and strengthens his brand as well as gives the whole community a better understanding as to what it is that he does so well. BLP is proud to welcome Bryan Gianesin into this community membership."

About the Company: Founded in 2011, Beautiful Life Productions LLC. has the tagline of "We Plan and Gather. You Grow and Profit!" Beautiful Life Productions’ mission is to help business owners, entrepreneurs & CEO’s create a more beautifully satisfying life through meaningful personal connections and enhanced brand visibility while producing positive media impressions for their businesses. Through this “beautiful collaborative community” we knock down roadblocks and barriers through coaching and collaboration so each BLP community participant can reach their own unique and unparalleled potential as well as help others do the same. For more information or to become one of The OC 100, 50 Men and 50 Women, please contact Sheryl Lynn at (949) 474-0649 or visit
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Sheryl Lynn