Businessconnect Launches in St. Louis

The First Social Network for Businesses

St. Louis, MO, February 13, 2013 --( Businesses know they need a social media presence to reach people, but most social networks are designed for individuals and consumers, not the businesses that want to connect with them. That’s changed with Businessconnect, a new social network that allows local businesses to set up profiles and to connect with each other and the community.

In its first two weeks, over 30 businesses have joined Businessconnect for free, ranging from Regions Bank to small law firms, from restaurants and clothing outlets. Businessconnect employs a lot of the same features that are found on other social networks, such as events, reviews, and contact information. However, it also has features that businesses would find useful, such as the ability to post coupons and to have users subscribe to the company. One of its unique features is the bulletins, where businesses can post events and announcements in real time.

“I think our bulletins feature is an extremely dynamic tool that will really aid businesses in their marketing effort,” said Chris Weathers, CEO of Businessconnect. “The ability to tell the entire city at one time what your newest occurrences are will be a truly powerful way to penetrate your visibility throughout the entire city with a single click.”

Besides finding out what’s happening, users can also comment on the business, its events, and its coupons after the fact. Weathers hopes that Businessconnect will be a site where consumers can find the information they need about a particular business and where companies and consumers can connect on a more personal level. Right now, the site is only available to businesses based in St. Louis.

“We are in a very unique space when it comes to our service. We embed various features to offer one robust service,” Weathers said. “My goal was to build a company with a foundation that could be built upon and iterated on for years to come.”
Chris Weathers