120 Food Intolerance Test Released Online by TestDiagnostics

120 Food test is available as a home Testdiagnostics.com sample collection test and provides an accurate and comprehensive test for 120 of the most common food intolerances.

London, United Kingdom, February 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Online Laboratory test provider TestDiagnostics the UK’s leading supplier of accredited health tests has added the 120 Food Intolerance Test to its Food Intolerance category. This test is available as a home Testdiagnostics.com sample collection test and provides an accurate and comprehensive test for 120 of the most common food intolerances. The 120 Food Intolerance Test is simple, easy to use with a sample taken conveniently at home or the office home and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

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A food intolerance is an adverse reaction by the body after a specific type of food, drink, additive, preservative or ingredient has been eaten. The body is unable to process these substances or create the enzyme or chemical required to aid digestion. They can result in nausea, bloating, diarrhoea, headaches and abdominal pain or stomach cramps.blood-test

In most cases food intolerances are confused with food allergies. A food allergy is a rapid and aggressive response to the consumption of a specific food i.e. a rash or itching while a food intolerance is caused by the absence of a specific chemical or enzyme required for digestion. The symptoms of a food intolerance are usually a less aggressive delayed reaction to a food or food additive or food compound that results in symptoms in the organs and systems of your body. Food allergies are most commonly associated with fish or nuts and food intolerances the consumption of products containing wheat or dairy.

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The most common intolerances are lactose and gluten intolerance. Lactose intolerance is caused by milk or dairy products which may cause stomach pains or diarrhoea and gluten intolerance is caused by proteins found in foods such as wheat, barley or rye. Gluten intolerance can result in a digestive condition called coeliac disease which is neither an allergy nor an intolerance to gluten but an autoimmune condition.

Product description

The 120 Food Intolerance Test as the name suggests tests for the 120 most common intolerances including for example nuts, fruit, grain, herbs, beans, meat, spices, fish, dairy.

This comprehensive test allows for analysis of the antibodies contained in lood due to consumption of these common foodstuffs. Antibodies are made by the immune system as a reaction to the foods that have an intolerance and allows to ascertain what food types need to avoid or remove from diet.

The test requires a small blood sample which can be collected by using the lancet provided. The sample can then be placed in the sterile tube provided and sent in the return bag provided to the laboratory for testing. Results will be available with 10 days. The 120 Food Intolerance Test kit provided by TestDiagnostics is safe, simple and accurate and sent in discreet environmentally friendly packaging.

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