Guardian Watch Announces Partnership with Leading Communications Company Generating Awareness for Public Safety Mobile Application to Impact Millions

Guardian Watchâ„¢ Partners with Leading Critical Communications Technology Provider.

Atlanta, GA, February 15, 2013 --( Guardian Watch™ announces its partnership with Twenty First Century Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of West Corporation. Leveraging Vicinity Based Alert Notifications™ (VBAN), Guardian Watch™ and Twenty First Century Communications (TFCC) will reach more than 10 million citizens with valuable information to help prevent crimes and save lives in the event of emergencies or disasters.

Guardian Watch™ is the first cloud-based mobile platform that connects citizens directly to public safety officials and emergency response teams to better prepare and respond to incidents. The application augments the 911 phone call enabling users to generate incident reports and stream video in real time. The VBAN will send text, email, or automated phone call alerts regarding incidents in the vicinity, near locations related to personal safety and security such as a home, child’s school, or nursing home.

“Our vision is to have our application on every smartphone in the country. The technology must be as intuitive to use as calling 911,” comments Dr. Gordon Jones, Founder and CEO, Guardian Watch™. “Creating a safe and secure environment is the reason we developed our mobile app and partnering with a leading emergency notification provider like TFCC adds immense value.”

TFCC has a long history of excellence and reliability providing critical communications for utility companies during mass outages and emergency communications. TFCC’s redundant data centers provide security and high performance reliability along with the scale to handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous inbound and outbound communications.

The flexibility of the Guardian Watch™ application enhances the company’s ability to impact areas of public safety communications with different messages and integration points and promises to be a creative and exciting opportunity, setting a new standard of communications to foster safer communities across the country.

About Guardian Watch™
Guardian Watch™ is a multi-platform application revolutionizing emergency response and reporting, and community safety. Guardian Watch™ enables users to report and stream live video directly to emergency respondents and public safety organizations, arming them with valuable information that can help prevent crime and save lives during emergencies and disasters. Guardian Watch™ is a trusted resource for neighborhood watch groups and other public safety organizations, offering users alerts of reported incidents in their immediate area, fostering a safe and secure environment within local communities in the Guardian Watch™ network. Winner of the 2010 New Ideas SC, 2011 Futurists: BetaLaunch technology and innovation showcase, and invitee to the United Kingdom’s Secretary Office of Security and Counterterrorism INSTINCT program for Human Augmented Technology, Guardian Watch™ is an advocate for leveraging modern technology to create a better, safer world.

About Twenty First Century Communications (TFCC)
By using technology to connect people to information, TFCC solutions quickly receive and send high volumes of time-sensitive communications to the right people at the right time, using most any communication device.

For more than 20 years their suite of web-based, high-speed notification solutions have been the industry standard. Backed by the largest and most reliable telecommunications network in North America, TFCC’s inbound & outbound communication technology is currently in place at over 80 electric utilities as well as hundreds of public safety and government agencies, universities, corporations and health care facilities.

TFCC’s mission is to deliver superior customer service, relentless reliability and innovative technology that connect people when it matters most. TFCC is a subsidiary of West Corporation, a leading provider of technology-driven, communication services.
Guardian Watch, LLC.
Gordon Jones