Quilt Winner Supports Socially-Challenged Youth at White Horse Youth Ranch

Winner of the Hand-Crafted Horse Quilt to Support White Horse Youth Ranch and Socially-Challenged Children.

Las Vegas, NV, February 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- As part of its fundraising activities, White Horse Youth Ranch (WHY Ranch) held a fundraising contest where the major prize was a hand-crafted quilt.

Winner, Jaclyn Yeagley, was thrilled.

"I think that any organization that supports the enrichment of youth is amazing. It takes people with a big heart and lots of love to give. Children are so important and need anything we can do for them," commented Ms Yeager. "I too work for a nonprofit organization that works with children and we see daily the struggles that children are faced with."

WHY Ranch (http://www.whyranch.org) is Las Vegas' only free horsemanship program for socially-challenged youth through their "Diamonds in the Rough" program.

"The beauty of our Diamonds in the Rough program is that all children are on an equal playing field when they enter this world called 'horse time,'" said WHY Ranch Founder, Amy Meyer. "Horses are not aware of: schedules, pressures, gossip, expectations, pretty, ugly, poor etc. Horses only perceive how a person approaches, pets, grooms, hugs or talks to them. They are inherently instinctive animals that help heal broken hearts and minds because of their beautiful spirit and tranquility."

For more information go to www.whyranch.org
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