On Its Second Birthday, Support for Stepdads Takes Global Ambassador Role

The US-inspired Support for Stepdads initiative is attracting a worldwide following and, with its down-to-earth and compassionate stories and advice, founder Gerardo Campbellā€™s website has become a valuable US Ambassador for the Family.

San Jose, CA, March 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- In its second birthday month (February 2013), the Support for Stepdads on-line community resource and forum is helping people in blended families in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia as well as across the US and Canada.

Founder Gerardo Campbell’s statistics show that international hits on Support for Stepdads increased from 15.34 percent of total hits in 2011 to 23.27 percent in 2012, when most foreign hits came from Canada, China and Great Britain compared to Denmark, Canada and Vietnam in 2011. In the first 45 days of 2013, most international hits came from India.

His motivation to help reverse the rising at almost 70 percent divorce rate in US blended marriages and to help people worldwide with their stepfamily challenges is meeting a need, with hits on the site growing from around 885,000 in 2011 to nearly 17 million in 2012 – a percentage increase of 1,890. Over the same period, international hits increased 2,867 percent, from 135,823 to 3,894,953.

Campbell launched his website in 2011 as a sounding board and source of inspiration and help for stepfathers in America who then had few support resources. Today the site's solid international following is encouraged through a language translation capacity and also attracts stepmothers and stepchildren, especially to its pages offering stepdad poems and quotes for stepdads.

“Support for Stepdads is an American initiative that is helping people around the world with their stepfamily issues,” said Campbell. “It shows that Americans acknowledge their problems and are willing to share their journeys and solutions. It’s a proactive ambassador for our image as a nation with a global social conscience and family values.”

In 1995 and with no experience as a biological father, Campbell stumbled into the emotional minefield of being a stepfather, learned from his many mistakes and now shares his experiences and knowledge on the Support for Stepdads website, on Facebook and through his eBooks.

“While most activity on supportforstepdads.com is by Americans, the growing international appeal of the site suggests the changing dynamics of the US family is a worldwide phenomenon,” said Campbell.

“There are more blended families or step families than nuclear or traditional families in the United States today and one in every three Americans is a member of a blended family.

“If you are facing problems in a blended family anywhere in the world, Support for Stepdads will show you are not alone, give you inspiration and advice, a chance to talk it through and great opportunities to express yourself, have a laugh and make friends.”

Campbell has published two eBooks and is compiling a third on Stepfather Quotes and Wisdom which will feature international luminaries such as William Shakespeare, John F Kennedy, Gloria Steinem, Naomi Campbell, Helen Keller and Albert Einstein.

Visit supportforstepdads.com to see Gerardo Campbell’s messages to the world about blended families. If you like his sensitive yet down-to-earth style, please help this US Ambassador for the Family by clicking to donate. He needs help to make his valuable resource even better.

About Support for Stepdads:
Support for Stepfathers is a community forum and support group addressing issues that contribute to the 70 percent failure rate of blended marriages in the US. It strives to smooth the path for the one-third of all Americans and those around the world in stepfamilies. It offers practical advice, experience, inspirational poetry, humor and interaction.
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