Zero Emission All Electric Cars Now Available in Long Island, New York

Motorworks Clean Vehicles, Inc. currently located in Westbury is the NY Dealer for the entire line of Miles Automotive Electric Vehicles

Westbury, NY, August 03, 2007 --( Motorworks Clean Vehicles, Inc., a division of Motorworks Engine Center, currently located in Westbury, Long Island, New York, has entered into a Dealer agreement with Miles Automotive Group to distribute their entire line of Zero Gas, Zero Emissions, All Electric Cars. Neighborhood Electric Cars (NEV'S) are currently available for immediate delivery, pick up truck versions will be introduced this September and long range high speed cars will be available late in 2008.

Motorworks, a stakeholder in the Greater Long Island (GLICCC) and New York City Clean Cities Coalitions, and Miles Automotive believe that global society must quickly and substantially alter its transportation systems to assure a livable world for future generations.

Superior Safety, Performance & Comfort

Unlike golf carts, golf cart type vehicles, quadricycles, tricycles, so called “electric motorcycles” and micro-cars, which have used the limited low-speed requirements of NHTSA/FMVSS Standard 500 to market low-end and often unsafe products in the U.S., Miles Automotive has carefully designed, engineered and now brought to market safe, sturdy and reliable, nonpolluting all-electric low speed vehicles uniformly acknowledged to be real cars. Miles Automotive vehicles are vastly superior in safety, performance, and comfort when compared to all other low speed vehicles.

The chassis for the Miles Automotive low speed vehicles has been engineered from the popular Daihatsu Move of which over 500,000 vehicles have been sold in internal combustion configuration, primarily in Europe. This chassis has been successfully crash tested for safety to E.U. Standards. All Miles Automotive vehicles are fully compliant with NHTSA/FMVSS Standard 500 and are CARB approved.

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