All Mixed Up™ Welcomes organicgirl® to Reality Cooking Series

Margaret Scattini, Co-Founder of organicgirl®, will be featured on All Mixed Up™ as one of the panel judges in Reality Cooking Series.

Pompano Beach, FL, February 21, 2013 --( The producers of Designing Spaces™ proudly present Season 3 of All Mixed Up,™ the successful reality-based cooking series that airs on Lifetime TV. organicgirl good clean greens will take center stage as one of the ingredients used in the creative dishes.

Margaret Scattini, co-founder brand ambassador of organicgirl will be featured on season 3 of All Mixed Up™ as one of the panel judges who will share her company’s history and passion for good clean greens with All Mixed Up™ viewers. She’ll also reveal what product the student chefs will be using in each episode.

organicgirl good clean greens are the next generation of organic produce, grown in harmony with the earth and cultivated with a keen eye for quality. Each leaf is nourished with love from mother earth, and packed in a 100% recycled plastic container.

"We are proud to partner with organicgirl on Season 3 of our All Mixed Up™ series where we can educate cooking novices or seasoned foodies on how they can prepare great meals at home, and bring everyone back to the dinner table as they root for their favorite chefs," says Lysa Liemer, Designing Spaces™ Executive VP of Programming and Chief Operating Officer.

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About organicgirl good clean greens

Plain and simple, organicgirl® began with a small group of women and men in California's fertile Salinas Valley who wanted to offer the best organic produce available. organicgirl is both men and women alike who enjoy healthy, fresh, sustainable produce grown in harmony with Mother Nature.

organicgirl’s good clean greens’ line includes mixes of baby spring mix, baby spinach & arugula, romaine heart leaves, SuperGreens, baby spinach & 50/50! blend. In addition the company offers all-organic salad kits, green onions, romaine hearts and baby greens specifically for cooking. With a unique approach to organic growing, organicgirl rejects produce that just “isn't good enough,” and uses earth-friendly 100% recycled plastic packaging for every single one of its products.

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Jessica Windell