Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Firm, Grayson & Grayson Offers Online Inquiries for Stairway Accidents

LA personal injury attorneys, Grayson & Grayson offer free case evaluation to online inquiries of stairway accidents. The experienced attorneys at Grayson & Grayson offer to help victims and their families by preparing a strong case against the defendants in the court of law.

Los Angeles, CA, February 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Grayson & Grayson, personal injury law firm based in Los Angeles, has announced free evaluation of online inquiries for stairway accidents. The personal injury law firm, Grayson & Grayson (http://www.markgraysonlaw.com/) is a premier law firm offering assistance in personal injury cases for over 3 decades now.

Victims or the family of the injured can fill out a no-obligation form at: http://www.markgraysonlaw.com/expertise-areas/premises-liability-cases/slip-and-fall/trip-and-fall/stairway-accidents/ to get free consultation from Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Grayson & Grayson.

In stairway accidents, long term therapy and care may be required to recover from the injuries sustained. Slipping or tripping on from stairs in a privately owned property due to improper construction or leakage of a kind, or in public areas that are not maintained properly is quite common. And the victims must know that they can file a case against property owners for not maintaining safety on the premises. However, since the legalities under the personal injury litigation are quite complex, intervention of a personal injury law firm or experienced personal injury lawyers is a must.

LA personal injury attorneys not only help in identifying the right responsible parties but also in preparing a strong case against them in line with the legal requirements of the State of California.

Talking about stairway accidents and other premises liability accidents, Mr. Mark Grayson from Grayson & Grayson personal injury law firm said, “Falling from stairs that have not been maintained properly or were not constructed as per the architectural guidelines of a City or State, allow you to file for a personal injury case against the liable entities. Serious injuries, mostly pertaining to back, neck and legs can be caused due to a bad stairway fall. Apart from immediate medical attention, there may arise a need for sustained medical therapy and the period of recuperation leads to loss of income.”

“You are rightful in claiming personal injury compensation from the defendant(s) in case of a stairway accident. Whether it's happened in a private building or on the stairs of a public building, the responsible party has to compensate the plaintiff for the injuries sustained and the financial loss suffered due to medical expenditures or loss of work,” added Mark.

He offered free case evaluation and further legal process to victims and their families saying, “Our expert personal injury attorneys at Grayson & Grayson will work for you in preparing a strong case for settlement or trial depending on the course of circumstances. We strive to get you the maximum compensation for both the physical injuries and the mental trauma suffered. All of our resources are used to give you the best opportunity to get maximum compensation for your loss.”

Fill out a no-obligation form to obtain free case evaluation for stairway accident cases at: http://www.markgraysonlaw.com/expertise-areas/premises-liability-cases/slip-and-fall/trip-and-fall/stairway-accidents/. Also, for all other personal injury related queries, contact: http://www.markgraysonlaw.com/.

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