Blue GNU Focuses on Free Software Movement

Blue Gnu Media & Technology launched Blue, a news site focused on the Free Software movement. The company website and office are powered by Free Software.

Charlotte, NC, August 03, 2007 --( Blue Gnu Media and Technology announced that it launched a Free Software news website, Blue GNU ( on Wednesday, 01-Aug-2007. Both the website and the business itself will be driven by Free Software. While there are a number of "Linux" and Open Source news outlets on the Internet, Blue GNU will focus more narrowly on Free Software and is closely aligned, editorially, with the Free Software Foundation.

Blue GNU is hosted by Powweb on a Debian GNU/Linux server and is powered by Drupal 5.1. Blue Gnu Media & Technology uses only Free Software in its office systems as well. The company deploys a server and desktop systems running Debian GNU/Linux and Even the news is about Free Software, thus making Blue Gnu Media & Technology one of only a few existing Free Software companies.

The company anticipates most of its income to come from subscribers who pay for functionality beyond what is available to ordinary registered users. Essentially, there are two ways to support Blue GNU. Users can commit to contributing articles, or pay an annual subscription to gain access to more features, such as a personalized view of the site. Registered non-subscribers will still be able to read the site and participate in the general forums.

Former Editor-in-Chief, Don Parris, is the publisher behind Blue GNU. Parris overcame a non-technical and non-journalism background to earn the trust and respect of computer enthusiasts and IT professionals around the world. His success has been attributed to his ability to cover a wide range of topics and his forum moderation skills. Parris previously operated a general computer services firm and is the author of "Penguin in the Pew", a book about deploying GNU/Linux in religious and non-profit organizations.

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