VOM FASS Looks to Chicago for Franchise Opportunities

New possibilities arise for VOM FASS in the Chicagoland market.

Madison, WI, February 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Chicago’s food scene, business climate, and location combine to make the perfect recipe for VOM FASS to open new shops.

Chicago’s extensive food scene draws in people who enjoy eating out as well as those who love to create their own dishes at home. People who have a passion for cooking would get the chance to incorporate VOM FASS’s exclusive selection of culinary oils, fruit wine and balsamic vinegars, wines, liqueurs, and spirits into everyday dining.

VOM FASS’s products fit perfectly on the pantry shelves, and in the cabinets, of people who enjoy cooking, especially those interested in the slow food movement. VOM FASS supports this idea of putting together homemade meals and savoring the time spent cooking. Slow food, being the opposite of fast food, is the idea that communities should strive to know where their food comes from. It transforms the way people eat by encouraging families to look more closely at the source of their food, and its goal is for people to have a greater awareness of food in general.

The products at VOM FASS fit right into the slow food movement because they offer healthy alternatives that people often use in cooking. Instead of using butter, people can add any one of VOM FASS’s wide selection of oils to their meals. Chicago is an area where slow food is becoming a prominent aspect of many families’ daily lives, and places like Highland Park or Evanston would be prime locations for VOM FASS to expand and open a new store. Adding the right touch of flavor can make any meal memorable, and it is made even better when pure, quality ingredients are incorporated into one’s favorite recipe.

In addition to the vast foodie culture within Chicago, the business landscape in Chicago is in a good place for individuals to pursue opening a business, according to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. When the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) announced its next convention would be in Chicago, USHCC President and CEO Javier Palomarez said Emanuel has made Chicago a wonderful area to start a small business.

VOM FASS’s corporate headquarters is located in Madison, WI., making Chicago the ideal spot to continue growth for the business. The two cities are a short distance apart, and this would allow for easy communications between the locations. This ease of connecting and conversing will make opening new locations significantly easier for all individuals involved in the business.
Chloe Derse