New Sex Education Site - Better Sex Revolution Focuses on New Age Sex Education

A new sex education website has been born that is backed by Doctors and Psychologists. The Better Sex Revolution website focuses on the new age of sex education

Raleigh, NC, August 04, 2007 --( Wouldn’t it be revolutionary to continually improve your sex life throughout the years?

The newest in sex education websites has been born. The Better Sex Revolution site focuses on the new age of sex education with their tag line being “Not Your Parents Adult Sex Education”. The Revolution team is slowly evolving its design and content to resemble a site like GQ or Cosmo, but directed towards the sex education community who are looking for up to date stories, articles, and adult products to enhance their intimate relationships.

The writers, relationship therapists, and community at the Better Sex Revolution view sex as a continual opportunity for self-improvement and self expansion, through communication, education, and understanding the anatomy and emotions of your partner. The growth within yourself and within your relationship, when you utilize these new age sex education techniques and practices, help you keep the intimacy alive and flourishing not only inside the bedroom, but outside it as well.

The Better Sex Revolution is about helping individuals uncover both their emotional and physical needs, and then teaching them how to communicate those needs to their partner through new age adult sex education techniques.

Better Sex Revolution - Sex Education
Bill Ross