Grayson & Grayson Personal Injury Law Firm to Offer Free Evaluation for Wrongful Cancer Diagnosis Cases Online

Free case evaluation for wrongful cancer diagnosis is available at Fill out a no-obligation form at Grayson & Grayson's website to get the expert opinion of LA based personal injury lawyers.

Los Angeles, CA, February 24, 2013 --( Grayson & Grayson personal injury law firm will now include evaluation of wrongful cancer diagnosis incidences as part of their free case evaluation service. The premier personal injury law firm ( based in Los Angeles offers online consultation for different personal injury cases. Users can fill out a no-obligation form at: to get assistance online from experienced personal injury lawyers at Grayson & Grayson.

Wrongful cancer diagnosis or misdiagnoses is extremely harmful and is also emotionally traumatizing. Whether it's a diagnostic center or a hospital that has resulted in wrongfully diagnosing cancer or cancerous growth in the body, the medical institute can be sued under the California personal injury law. However, since misdiagnoses is a complex situation, it is highly recommended that the victim hires the expertise of qualified and experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

Mark Grayson reiterated this notion and said, “Wrongfully diagnosing something as dreadful as cancer can play havoc with the mental stability of an individual and may lead to severe emotional and physical distress as well. Any kind of negligence or erroneous diagnosis by the part of the doctors, medical aid providers, employees at the diagnostic centers can be highly traumatic for the victim. Not only this, if after diagnosis, the prognosis requires medical treatment then the person may also suffer financially. However, once the wrongful diagnosis has been found out, the hospital or the medical center may not easily accept their responsibility and try to prove otherwise as they not only stand to lose money but credibility and a lot of reputation. This is why we insist on getting the expert view of LA personal injury lawyers before pursuing any course of action.”

Continuing, Mark added, “The State of California has offered a provision in personal injury litigation, wherein medical negligence is a compensable offense and the victim can claim monetary compensation for the mental trauma and the financial loss suffered by him or her. The key factor in a wrongful diagnosis case is recognizing the responsible parties and ensuring that the victim was misled by the institution. Like all kinds of medical negligence cases, wrongful cancer diagnosis also requires in-depth research and an expert analysis and appraisal of the situation. The personal injury lawyers working with Grayson & Grayson are not only experienced in handling medical negligence cases but are well-versed with medical parlance and the intricacies involved in mis-diagnosis, contact us and we will tell you if you have a valid case at hand.”

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