New Book "When Love is Not Enough" by Cherry Willoughby, Mother of a Violent Criminal, Exposes the Truth Behind Her Daughter's Life

Written as a memoir, Cherry Willoughby reveals the true and devastating tale of when professionals ignored vital signs of her adopted child in need of help from an early age. Easy reading, yet powerful, this story is hard to put down. Readers should be ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions as Cherry tells of her heartbreaking battle for help and getting to the truth of her daughter's mysterious past.

Bath, United Kingdom, February 24, 2013 --( Synopsis: When Cherry and John married, they had everything a young couple could wish for, a beautiful home, a nice car, two adorable dogs and a great life. All that was missing for Cherry was children, but motherhood was not going to come easy so they decided to adopt.

Soon their home was filled with children's laughter and for Cherry life was wonderful.

However the eldest daughter begins to display troubling behaviour which raises the concerns of everyone around them.

Instinctively she turns to the Social Services for help. Feeling palmed off by their excuses for her daughter's behaviour she begins to realise there is far more to her daughter's past than had been revealed, but getting to the truth was not only difficult, it would shatter the lives of everyone around her and break apart her world in more ways she ever could have imagined.

Cherry's daughter Maryann, was first seen in a national newspaper in March of 2011 after being sentenced for eight years for a violent crime with three accomplices on a young woman with learning difficulties, the assault was so bad it shocked the nation.

Little did readers know that Maryann herself had difficulties and had been raised in a loving family by her adoptive parents who had done all they could to try and prevent the very outcome of which Maryann as an adult faced.

Up until now, failed adoptions are a relatively hidden part of society. While there has been much popularity in true life fostering stories, what happens with children after they are adopted remains fairly unreported.

"When love is not enough" breaks wide open the pitfalls, red tape and failings of professionals in many areas.

Social services, education departments and even mental health experts play a role in a long line of bungling officials.

An eye opening read and at times shocking, "When love is not enough" has one questioning how in the 20th and 21st centuries the events could have possibly been allowed to occur.

Cherry gives a good insight as to know how it feels to experience infertility and the joy of finally becoming a parent and then the heartbreak as it all begins to fall apart.

Born and raised in Bath, England, UK, Cherry felt so passionate about how her daughter had been let down by the very organisations which were there supposedly to help, she took a correspondence writing course and has taken ten years to complete her book "When love is not enough."

“I am all she has, and someone has to stand up for her and tell her side,” she said, after reading the condemning comments on the newspaper article which covered her daughter's crime.

“I also want to expose the truth about the lack of help and support for adoptive parents in the UK,” she said.

Cherry's story in brief has been published in the Daily Mail UK, Take a Break magazine and she has had an offer to appear on a television morning chat show to discuss her book which should take place sometime in 2013.

Since the article in the Daily Mail, Cherry has received countless e mails from adoptive parents who have suffered similar experiences.

“It just goes to show how much of a need there is to have the world of adoption and it's pitfalls blown wide open,” she added.

Cherry is an animal artist and lives with her husband and four dogs.
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