Popdose.com Welcomed Holmes & Dunphy's Platters That Matter Podcast on February 26

New Popdose.com podcast takes a detailed look at a non-conventional classic record in each episode.

Red Bank, NJ, February 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Joining the growing ranks of Popdose.com's multimedia arsenal, Staff Writers Chris Holmes and Dw Dunphy presented the all-new Popdose podcast Platters That Matter on February 26, 2013, with yet another episode prepping for launch in March.

The latest addition to Popdose's rotating offerings, which include The Matt 'N Jeff Radio Hour and Songs Of Freedom, Platters That Matter is devoted to celebrating and dissecting classic albums with Popdose's recognized irreverence and devotion alike.

On a monthly basis writers Chris Holmes (Popdose, The Man With The Gray Flannel Suit, and Cracked.com) and Dw Dunphy (Popdose, ThePengunRocks.com, New Jersey Stage) select an album that has withstood the test of time but may not be considered a "Top Ten" classic in the traditional sense and give the recording its due. Holmes and Dunphy provide a 'Music Appreciation Society' for the podcast generation, expressing why such albums deserve attention while being equally forthcoming about shortcomings and flaws. The analysis is fair, honest, and never boring.

The kickoff podcast, which debuted on both Popdose.com and iTunes on February 26, 2013, takes a deep dive into Genesis' "Duke." In classic Popdose fashion, you'll find admiration and criticism, clips and jokes, adding up to more than an hour of podcast entertainment.

2013 marks Popdose.com's fifth anniversary and its staff promises a huge celebration throughout the year. Platters That Matter becomes a vital part of the anniversary lineup. For more information about Popdose.com's various podcast series, please visit Popdose.com.

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