AKUDA LABS Smashes Streaming Big Data’s One Billion SCOPS Barrier

Pulsar platform continues to make incredible streaming big data advancements.

San Jose, CA, February 28, 2013 --(PR.com)-- AKUDA LABS continues to make unprecedented advancements in the realm of streaming big data processing, this time by breaking the one billion Streaming Classification Operations Per Second (SCOPS) barrier.

After four years of stealth development, AKUDA LABS unveiled its revolutionary Pulsar streaming big data platform at the AlwaysOn Venture Summit Silicon Valley held at Half Moon Bay in December. Vince Schiavone, AKUDA LABS’ Co-Founder and CEO, kicked off the summit with a showcase of the advanced platform, revealing its industry-leading processing capabilities of 500 million SCOPS, providing the fastest big data processing the industry has ever seen.

In less than two months since that unveiling, the AKUDA LABS development team has rapidly advanced the platform, doubling its processing rate, surpassing one billion SCOPS per second.

“The advancements our development team is making in streaming big data is nothing short of incredible,” explained Schiavone. “We’re achieving filtering and classification of real-time data streams at a rate never seen before. This delivers exponential speed at fractional cost to solve some of the largest big data problems facing companies today.”

Luis Stevens, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of AKUDA LABS, developed Pulsar based on the research he conducted while at Stanford on the DASH multiprocessor which he commercialized at Silicon Graphics for organizations like the NSA, NASA and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

"We're very excited about reaching this one-billion milestone," said Stevens. "The advancements we’re achieving will revolutionize how organizations introspect large amounts of streaming data. The utility of streaming big data within arenas like devices, machines and transactions can dramatically change with the adoption of our technology.”

AKUDA LABS is revolutionizing real-time, streaming big data filtering, classification and analytics, making it more accessible and affordable than ever before. Its proprietary Pulsar platform is the fastest, most efficient real-time streaming classification engine available.

Pulsar currently processes one billion Streaming Classification Operations Per Second (SCOPS). AKUDA LABS Pulsar transforms big, fast, ugly data into real-time, actionable insight at exponential speed and fractional cost compared to general-purpose solutions. Visit akuda.com for more information.

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