Foodsby Redefines Delivery for Restaurants and Consumers Alike

Service enables restaurants to deliver meals with no minimum order or tip requirements.

Minneapolis, MN, February 28, 2013 --( Ordering meals for delivery is more convenient and cost-effective with the launch of Foodsby. Foodsby, an online network between consumers within office buildings and restaurants, gears itself toward individuals looking for convenient, high-quality meals from restaurants that typically aren’t in the delivery space.

“Consumers often face hefty fees when ordering food from delivery services, such as minimum order amounts, delivery fees and tips. It’s expensive for individuals to order a meal for delivery just for him/herself on these types of services,” says Ben Cattoor, founder and CEO of Foodsby. “We wanted to change the game of delivery and cater to the individual. There’s no order minimums or tipping on our service. We also aggregate individual orders for the restaurant, which means more restaurants are able to cost-effectively enter the delivery market. This gives consumers more choices for quality delivered meals.”

The online network works as a virtual food truck, where restaurants virtually arrange their delivery schedule. The restaurant chooses the building, day and time it will deliver and the time orders need to be placed on Individuals at the location order online based on the days and time each restaurant has selected. All orders are processed and paid for directly on Foodsby, and Foodsby aggregates the individual orders at each location into a mass delivery for the restaurant to make itself.

Consumers can request their office to be a part of the network at Upon creation, the consumer is directed to share the location with colleagues to build awareness and interest. Restaurants look at the amount of people added to the shared location to determine if they will deliver there, and will notify the location upon acceptance.

About Foodsby
Foodsby is an online network for restaurants to enter the delivery market and provide more delivered meal options to consumers within office buildings. Foodsby does not physically deliver meals – it’s a tool for restaurants to gather online orders and deliver themselves. Consumers pay for their meals on the Foodsby e-commerce site. There are no order minimums or tipping on the service and restaurants can only charge up to 15% for a delivery fee. Learn more at
Whitney Johnson