Menstruation - Curse or Celebration

Moontime - A Mother and Daughter Guide to Welcome Girls into Womanhood

New York, NY, August 04, 2007 --( For Centuries Woman have felt, ashamed, dirty, and unclean during their menstruation period, a Secret, something you didn’t share with the Rest of Your Family. Did you know what was happening to your body the first time you had your monthly bleed? Did you think you were dying?

‘First Moon’ is a Mother and Daughter Guide.
Celebrating the onset of Menstruation, an e-book written to 'Welcome girls into Womanhood', to see the beginning of menstruation as an occasion for great joy and celebration. This book is written for girls aged 9 years and over, their Mothers, Grandmothers, Guardians and Mentors. Most parts of the book can be read by girls on their own, and afterwards discussed with their caregivers. The chapters are marked clearly, and of course all of it can be read by mothers and fathers. "First Moon", first menstruation, describes a girl’s newly found fertility as part of the natural cycle of life. The chapter; Becoming a Woman “Around the World” – For Girls, describes how in other cultures girls receive a special celebration.

The e- book gives ideas, on how to celebrate your daughters’ onset of menstruation; How to have a Red Party, a fun way to celebrate with her friends. First Moon gives you ideas on how a Wise Woman can introduce your daughter into the secrets of the female way of life. “First Moon” will give the young girl practical tips for managing painful periods, her menstrual cycle and a word check.

"I hope that this book will help your daughter look forward to the days when she begins to bleed. It is her special time, when she joins the circle of women. It will be a very important time in your life too. Please don't let it go by unnoticed. Honour yourself and your daughter."

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