Investments in Sarasota Delighted to Announce Sarasota is Ranked as One of the Top Retirement Destinations in the US by CNBC

Investments in Sarasota is delighted to announce that CNBC has ranked Sarasota as one of the best retirement destinations in the US. The accolade confirms the status of Sarasota as a top location based on climate, lifestyle and culture. Living in Sarasota is a lifestyle choice which many are making based on these factors.

Sarasota, FL, March 02, 2013 --( This week Sarasota yet again ranked as one of the top retirement destinations in the US. Using information from years of research by AARP, the world's largest circulation magazine, CNBC have collated a list of the consistently highest ranking destinations for retirement in a wide variety of categories.

Sarasota's incredible waters, pleasant sub-tropical climate, and status as cultural capital of Florida, have long drawn retirees to settle in the colorful city. Attractions such as a famous Opera house, an excellent philharmonic orchestra, the Ringling Museum of Art, and myriad art and cultural festivals throughout the year, have helped earn Sarasota its title, and make it a highly desirable retirement destination.

Add to that the spectacular waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and 35 miles of beaches, including the pristine white sand of Siesta Key Beach, the premier beach in America, and you have a recipe for an idyllic lifestyle. Sarasota realtor Lee Mirman describes living in Sarasota for retirees, saying: "Sarasota has always been popular and an excellent place to retire, but in recent years I've seen that accelerate. I think nowadays people are really focused on enjoying their lifestyle, and in my opinion Sarasota living is unsurpassed."

Mr Mirman's firm Investments in Sarasota operates at the top end of the Sarasota real estate market, specializing in luxury and waterfront properties which are no doubt the dream properties of today's affluent baby boomers looking to retire in the sun and splendor of Sarasota. It's no surprise that yet again Sarasota has ranked so highly in a nationwide comparison of retirement destinations.

Mr Mirman said that Investments in Sarasota has also found in recent harder economic times that Sarasota's attractions are drawing an influx of overseas buyers. The strength of some European currencies, has meant that international buyers are finding Sarasota property to be a great investment, both financially and in lifestyle terms. He has found greater numbers of people looking for international realtors in recent months, and that trend looks set to continue with the latest accolade for Sarasota.
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